Day 113


Let's hear it for a day with the number 13 in it. Hip hip ahh you guys don't care. Only I seem to care about the mysterious power of the number 13.

"If you were going an animal for the rest of your life what would be."

"A raven."

"Wow that was fast, why a raven."

"Well they were animals of Odin the All Father from Norse, they can fly and that's always a plus, they're black and I like the color. And most important of all they're attracted to shiny objects."

"That's why isn't it. The shiny object thing isn't it."

"Yeah. So what would you be?"

"Me a cow."

"You already are one."

"You bitch."

"Couldn't help it, it was just…easy. So a cow huh."

"Yes I get to do nothing, eat grass and live a life of complete bliss."

"Until your owner kills you for your delicious meat. "

"Just had to ruin it didn't you."

"Couldn't help it. You make everything so easy."

"I'm changing my answer. Now I want to be a….what eats ravens"

"Nothing. It the human of the bird realm. Its smart, eats nearly everything, and likes to laugh at other peoples misfortune."

"You know how much I hate you right. It's a lot in case you didn't know."

"Not sorry all. I'll let you pick again."

"Fine maybe a nice dolphin."

"That's such a girly thing to be."

"I am a girl."

"So am I, and you don't see me being a wimpy dolphin. I'm an awesome raven."

"Who is attracted to shiny objects."

"Just like any other self-respecting woman."

"Woman are attracted by jewelry."

"Right. Shiny things."

"I'm leaving."

"I'm still better."