I got caught up reading the newest Harry Dresden book and almost missed writing for my challenge. But I didn't, and I also decided to try something different. No little short story or random discussion for today. Today is a poem.

Day 15

Run, hide or Die, your choices are clear,

The Wild Hunt rises, prey abounds,

The scent of fear, the taste of blood,

Running or hiding, the hunt will find you,

Soon they will catch your scent.

Calls of blood ring through the air,

Fear overwhelms you, the Hunt can smell you

No strength in your legs, evasion is impossible now,

Your mind slows, no cunning tactic will avail you,

Surrounded, your fate is certain,

The hunts master reaches out his hand,

The song of the hunt fill your ears,

Run, hide or Die, your choices is clear,

Better the hunter then the hunted.

End Note

In case anyone cares, the book I just read featured the wild hunt in it. Got kinda caught up in the story.