Day 46

Continued from day 32

This was the day all the players were in place. Rebels were in place at the highest profile places around the city. The shopping centers, the district courts and of course, the travelling show that was in town. Once the signal was given they would incite chaos and draw the Archon's troops away from key locations. Then phase two would begin.

In the rebels main base the head of the uprising was staring intently at a map of the city. As reports were flooding in little figures would move around to mark the current location of troops and the status of major objectives. Most of those markers were red, designating them as having not been taken over by his forces.

"Get in contact with our sources in the commissar's office! I want to know the instant the main forces leave the building! Get our people in position to cut power to the communications centers! And will someone get me the reports from the Show! Everything hinges on that report." Jervi was the orchestrator of everything that was happening. From his first follower to the master plan that was happening right now everything was happening to his tune.

"Sir, we have sympathetic voices giving reports from the residential district! We have enemy forces coming in from the gates! The Archon decided to strip his troops from their instead of the barracks in the city!"

"Jervi the operatives at the power station have went silent."

Jervi got a dark look on his face. "Damn we'll have to move to plan b then for those locations then. Send out the detonation codes for the power station. Move two squads to the residential district to hamper their movements."

"Commissar's report is in sir. The barracks are emptying. They're in route to the target locations." The report dragged a sigh of relief from the leader.

"Start operations to make sure they stay on route. The last thing we need is for them stop and turn around." He removed some pieces from the board and replaced them with yellow colored ones. "Inform our operatives at the shopping center to start falling back to the tunnels. We need them to get to the palace and cut off the underground escape route."

Reports coming in and the leader kept moving troops around the city. As soon as the Archon's location could be verified the final phase would be put into action.