Day 59

"Ahh good evening Agent Slash. So good of you to drop in. HAHAHA" The evil mastermind was laughing at his terrible pun. Before him being restrained by two lakeys, was the spy.

"Well Dr. Generic Evil Doctor, I couldn't help myself. After all I couldn't just let you go through with your dastardly plans now could I. Plus I still have to save the lovely Ms. Big Boobs." Agent Slash was smirking even as the minions of evil were dragging him into a fiendish device of evilish evil.

"Oh, I don't think you will have to worry about her. She is entertaining my man-eating piranhas. You on the other hand have something else to do." The good doctor was positively quivering in anticipation.

"What would that be? Escape and leave your island fortress to explode?"

"No you see the machine that you are manacled to, is something of my own creations. Soon it will be spinning at such a speed that your organs will be spun out and you will die an agonizing slow death. I would love to stay and watch, but I have to go. I have a death ray to fire and an empire to carve out. Tootaloo." With that, he left the spy to his apparent doom.

After the lackeys and their master had left the super spy started in on his escape. He wiggled around and activated his clich├ęd wristwatch laser. The laser was cutting through the manacles, but the death machine was starting to rotate.

Right at the point where the spinning would become fatal, the laser broke through his restraints. The super spy extraordinaire tumbled to ground. "Now to save the lovely dame, and stop the death ray from firing."

He ran out of the room and somehow finding his way to chamber where the piranhas were snapping at the exquisite ankles. "John! Save me!"

The undercover agent gave a warm smile. "Don't worry your sweet little head. Continently enough this pen I have emits a sonic frequency that repels fish." He activated the pen and drove the fish from the general vicinity of the captured women. She jumped into his arms. "Thank you John, how can I possibly thank you?" She leaned forward showing off her impressive bosom.

"No time for that, we have to save the day." They ran off.

They arrived just in time to hear the crazy doctor laughing his head off as his death ray charged incredibly slowly. The spy took aim and shot a charging capacitor. It set off a chain reaction that initialized the base's self destruct.

Ten Seconds Till Base Destruction Ten Seconds Till Base Destruction.

The spy and his companion ran through the corridors, minions and lackeys running in all directions trying to escape what would certainly be their death.

After what was most defiantly not ten seconds, they reached the extreme edge of the explosion and managed to survive.

"Well that was certainly exciting, now where were we?" He turned to the woman that was next to him.

She gave a sultry smile. "I believe that you were about to claim your just rewards."

Predictably, reinforcements did not get to the island to save the day until after the explosion took place.