Day 64

Maddie and Sherry where sitting in Maddie's room, passing time until dinner. They were mostly passing it silence till a random thought ran through Sherry's head. "Hey, do you ever plan out your wedding."

Maddie was roused from her own thought but didn't really process what was said. "I'm sorry, what?"

"You know, when you were younger and you thought you were a princess and you planned your dream wedding. What was your wedding like?"

"I never did that. I was into books when I younger. My dreams were more about becoming an doctor or a witch. Why did you plan your wedding?"

She propped herself up on her elbows and looked over at her friend. "Yes yes I did. You know just like a normal little girl. I planned everything in white colors and it was going to be in a castle, and I was going to ride in on a unicorn and when we kissed, fireworks were going to be shot off. Then we would ride off into the sunset." Sigh.

"Wow that is quite the fantasy. A unicorn huh. Can't find many of those now adays."

"Yeah quite sad isn't it? So what would you do for your wedding?" Sherry was almost bouncing on her spot on the bed.

"I guess I would want…Got it. Overlooking the ocean on a cloud free day. We would have an arch with bluebells all over it and after the vows a flock of doves would be let free. There how was that?"

Sherry nodded her appreciation. "Not a bad one at all. What song where you going to have."

Maddie gave a smirk. "Sherry, sherry baby, Sherry, sherry …"

Sherry turn gasped open mouthed and threw a pillow at her friend. They both ended up giggling. "You bitch you are not going to use that song."

"Well maybe you won't be invited. Then you won't have to deal with it so there. I win."

Maddie's mother called up and they went to dinner.

The end.


I know kinda abrupt, but I really wanted to ended it for some reason. Psychoanalyze as you will.