Authors Note

Hey guys it's Ravenmask, sorry it took so long for me to update this! I had been having multiple technical and mechanical difficulties, and lost pretty much the whole story from my harddrive. I've been able to recover the first chapter of Epilogue Wes but had to start from scratch on the second chapter, now I think I got the problem handled (crosses fingers). So I hope you enjoy the second chapter of Epilogue Wes!

-lets hope this never happens again-


It had been five minutes after Wes had declared herself dead, the class bell echoed through the halls calling the school security guards back to their posts. With a huff she stalked through the hallway doing her best to keep out of sight of prying eyes. As she rounded the corner she saw the front entrance guarded closely by teachers and the like -Damn- she spat -I gotta get out of here-. The technology hall came up on her right its unguarded entrance offering her a way to escape, she turned quietly walking quickly down the hall.

"Hey you there, come get a late pass!" Wes froze as the security guard's voice boomed through the hallway.

-I can't get caught now!-she thought turning slowly to face the tall blonde haired woman at the entrance of the technology wing, her long fingers coaxing Wes to come closer. Wes smiled nervously back at the woman tensing her body and inching closer her cautious giggle shadowing her path. The woman's smile grew as Wes neared, suddenly she spun sprinting to the door at the end of the wing looking back every few steps to see the woman's twisted face. Just as Wes burst through the door a screech echoed through the parking lot a light blue minivan was now hurtling through the rolling heat waves.

The minivan pulled up to her side with a violent jerk so close she could see her reflection on the dark tinted windows. ~viiirrrrrrrr, click~ the window sunk down into the door revealing the creamy leather interior of the car.

A single unreadable voice called out, "Get it."

Despite the heat Wes shivered at the sound of her mother's cold, commanding voice. Wes opened the door slipping as deep as she could into the seat.

"Mom you gotta believe me, I-I didn't do this, it just happened!" she explained in a shaky voice knowing how stupid and unbelievable it sounded, she cringed waiting to be scolded peeking out the side of her vision at her mother.

To her surprise her mother remained eerily still her maroon eyes burning into the windshield, "I know sweetie, I know you didn't do it..." she spoke her voice calm and smooth as ice, but Wes couldn't ignore her mothers death grip on the wheel that was slowly turning her knuckles white.

Wes sunk deeper into the seat silently wishing she had brought a hoodie to school despite the 90 degree heat just so she could hide her hair and make the problem disappear. She bit her lip unable to take her eyes of her mothers vice grip on the wheel. -Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! Shes snapped, shes gonna kill me, I'm gonna die!-. She clasped her bag tighter as if to shield it from her mother's rage.

They rode in silence the car finally pulling into the driveway of the White four bedroom house. Her mother yanked the keys out of the ignition bringing the car to a sputtering stop.

"Go inside and get yourself something to drink, your father will be home soon, then we all will sit down and talk." She said not tearing her eyes off the windshield.

Wes gulped and nodded - this is bad...- she thought as she tumbled out the car running full speed to the door she trotted into the living room pacing back and forth -calm down, calm down- she coached herself. Wes shuffled to the kitchen pouring ice and sweet tea into a cup. She sat down on a white leather couch the ice clinking against the sides of the glass. She stared into the icy cool liquid the frozen cubes entrancing her. Water dripped down the sides of the glass tracing over her fingers as she watched the glass. Wes. Wes.

"Wes!" a voice called knocking her out of her trance.

She looked up at a tall middle aged man with slightly graying short black hair, his maroon eyes blazing with worry, "Ah, hi dad." she said with a nervous smile, "How was work?"