The Man on the Cross

There stood a cross. There hung a man. To many it was just a day like any other.

"He was lead like a sheep to the slaughter" said the prophet of this man. This man who hung on a cross, guilty of no crime, yet carrying on his shoulders all of the world's sin.

His blood flowed for those he loved. Yet they did not know.

He took their sins on his shoulders. His father turned away from him. He endured so much for them. Yet they did not know.

His body was buried. For three days he lay in the tomb while his followers grieved.

On the third day He rose, conquering death forever more giving His loved ones the promise of eternal life. He gave us His Spirit. To guide, to comfort, to teach, to protect, to be with us on earth. He gave us the command: "Go and make disciples of ALL nations."

Instead of honouring and obeying our Lord; Who gave us His very life, Who forgave our every sin, Who sent us His Spirit and Who loves us, we hate, we judge we despise, we fight we hold grudges we divide people and then we say: "I am a Christian."

He has hurt so much for us, must we hurt Him more? Can't we love and forgive, can't we forget our hate, can't we accept and love each other? Is it so hard to love? Is it so hard to forgive? Is it asking too much just to obey our Lord?