Tone Deaf

In scarlet light
In dim, lonely corners
Quiet music played
And she danced with me
The rhythm moved us
And brought us closer

She sang to me
With wordless stanzas
The melody had the meaning

I respond in my dance
I make her match
The rough spins and
Prideful gestures
Louder and louder
Her song replies
She cannot calm me
Not this time

Hands moments apart
Mirrored with bitter perfection
We didn't touch
Stalking in menacing circles
And scarring glares
I sang with her voice
We harmonized
Before sharp discord
It shocked us
Like pulsing conflict
It pushed us
Repelled me from her

We danced again
Venturing further
It liberated us
Alive away from her
The songs grew distant
Our dances, unique

I couldn't take it
Not a dance more
Her hideous voice
Sickly sweet and shrill
Like little screams
But maybe...
That's what they were