I have loved in the past and but have been replaced by another that has never loved. I don't know what I have done wrong to deserve this but now I am not sure if I could ever love again or if I ever did have a feeling of love. What is Love?

"Look there she is." a girl named Cassie said. "Her boyfriend cheated on her for this other girl."

"What was the other girls name?" Cassie's friend asked.

"Dominique." Cassie said.

I have been humiliated and questioned by your friends and mine. Is there something I have done to you to deserve this? I repeat this question in my head trying to figure out the answer but I have comed up with nothing.

"Are you ok?" Ash would ask and my simple reply would be a nod with a smile. He is one of my friends that remains loyal to me and my only true friend. The one who can take away the pain and my suffering.