Two Mei's

"So the boy that shames all men came." Daymon applauded.

"You thought he wouldn't be here?" I said and laughed.

"Don't worry Mei." he said "You'll be back in my arms." his girlfriend came up from behind him.

"I thought you told me you didn't like him." she said walking up to me with her hand ready to slap me.

"Oh so you want me out of the way." I looked back at Daymon. "I'm sorry but this won't do. I'm very disappointed in you." I leaned so that the girl. "I'm sorry." At that moment I slapped her making her fly out of my range. "You see she was merely a tiny distraction."

Daymon nodded and his group surrounded me.

"Have fun.." he said. "But not to much fun, I'll be the one to do that."

I didn't think they knew about the fun he was talking about and took out their knifes.

"Come on let us have a lil' bit of fun?" "Let's see that body of yours." They yelled with enthusiasm and then it clicked. So it was you! Now it makes sense. At that moment anger rushed through my body making me twice as fast as I was before.

"This time you'll never see the light again." Seeing the looks on their faces, they knew they had met their end.

"What are you?"

"Your worst nightmare."

Ten minutes later, they were all down. Finally! I looked back to where Daymon was and saw that Ash and Daymon fighting. Daymon was winning by the looks of it.

"I'll never let Mei go!" Ash yelled at him.

"Do you think you can protect her?" he said "Look at where you are now? Look at the situation your in. You can't!"

"Yes you can!" I yelled. "I know you Ash you saved me that day! Remember. Your my hero!"

Ash kept on fighting but was quickly thrown to the ground.

"ASH!" I ran to him pushing him out of the way. "Ash" he was unconscious. "Ash wake up. Ash it's Mei." I hold him in my arms and tears began forming. "Ash don't…" My heart felt like it was torn to pieces, Ash wasn't here any more. It's my fault. My mind drifted into the dark.

(Vanilla's POV)

"Finally the brats asleep" I said stretching my legs. "It's been along time since I got out."

"Took you long enough, Vanilla!" Daymon yelled.

"What do you want now Daymon?" I said.

"I want you." he said

"You had me once" I said. "and lost me after what you did to me."

I looked at Ash unconscious on the floor. I'm sorry Ash. I'm sorry I didn't come sooner. Thank goodness we both have someone we love, Mei.

"Stop ignoring me, Vanilla!" he yelled, he sighed. "You should really stop caring of a human."

"Did you do this?" I asked

"With my bare hands." he said proudly. "Humans are pathetic, good thing I'm not. Vanilla, I know what I did was wrong. I didn't kno

"I'm sorry Ash." digging my fangs into his neck, giving him my venom. I stood up and face the Daymon kid. "If you ever hurt him again, which would not happen again. I will kill you!" In that minute I was in front of him with a swing of my leg he flew 2 miles but I was next to him again in the next minute. "Let this be a lesson to you."

I rushed back to Ash's side and saw that his color was coming back again. He's coming back, Thank the heavens.

"Mei?" he asked and opened his eyes. "Vanilla! what happened?"

"You were about to die until I saved you." I said with a smile.

"You didn't." he asked surprised and then felt that he had fangs. "Vanilla! Why?"

"I didn't want you to die." I said.

"I'm hungry now." I pointed at the men on the floor.

"How about them?" he rush to the men and began drinking.

"By the way where's you charm?" he asked while drinking

"It broke." I said.

"The charm I gave you?" he said

"Yup" I said.

"Damn," he said. "I'll have to make another one."

"Awesome, I'll just wait in this form." I said jumping up and down with glee.

"No. " he said. "You can't go around in this state."

"Yes I can." I said

"It's been a while since you've awaken you'll be hungry." he said.

"Humm." I said and looked at him.

"No Mei you can't." he said backing away.

"Why not." I said,

"You've already done enough." he said pointing at my mark.

"That was necessary." I said "You were going to die."

"So what!" he began yelling.

"I didn't want the man I love die!" I yelled back.

"You don't love me." he said.

"I do" I said. "and Mei dose too."

"No she doesn't." he said.

"She dose!" I yelled. "She's just trying to trust you in how you feel." he looked at me with confusion. "Ever since she was cheated by that man." I pointed Daymon on the ground. "She feels that she'll be cheated on again. She needs time to trust your words."

"I'll change that." I looked over to Daymon as he was getting up. "I will get her to love me again."

I began laughing. "You had your chance with us." I walked over to him. "And you lost it. We have locked our hearts from you, you can't ever enter it again."

"You won't by Mei can." he said laughing. "Once I kill him, she'll feel depressed and I'll be there for her, caring for her."

"Mei would never do that." Ash said beside me. "She hates you guts."

"Oh really?" he asked.

"Let me give you a hint." he said. "Once Mei got over you she bought a voodoo doll of you and wrote hell on the back, then she burned it in flames. All of it was done the day you turned eighteen. Oh and, this is funny listen to this, remember the week you had nightmares of Mei?"

"How did.." he said.

"She killed you in every one with a pair of sizers and feeding your body to the sharks. That was truly remarkable." he said laughing out loud.

"How?" Daymon asked.

"It's one of her many of her many talents." he laughed.

"Now if it's possible." I interrupted. "Stop talking about Mei!"