There was a night we shared a piece of each others garden
Together we sat on a park bench like it was the top of the world
Swung our feet over the side so recklesly
Giggled at all that restless nature below

We were never silverware shoved in the drawers
I never was that polished
My hips couldn't bent that way
And the crickets, they kept me up all night

Legs brushing across each other, making music
I swore I heard a siren bleeding out of your rib cage
The universe calmed itself simply to listen
I held your hand like it was a promise I was trying to keep
Like it was something valuable I would not break
From between our fingers I could hear God laughing
My eyes shifted from one corner to the other and smirked
Pulled covers over our faces to mask all the silly questions

As you slowly drifted away and loosened your grip
I told you I am not good at making sense
Rational thinking was never my thing
Like giving up the ocean to clean up a mess I never made

But it coming up towards our piece of garden
Trying to swallow my memories like they were diamonds
And there were gifts in my lungs I wished I could speak to you
I wanted to whisper in your heart so you might feel my words

To ask you:
Were you ever a road map?
Am I a farmer?
Did the rain ever feel like home?
If I kept turning the corners would I stop myself before it started?

I wanted to grow larger than these words
Expand faster then this universe racing further away
But tongue was far to selfish to give up what my lungs have been hold in
So my presence could never be felt or appreciated

My ears could still hear those crickets
I knew I could not lie forever holding to words so heavy
Maybe I wasn't made to stand forever looking over the edge
And to just fall
Just break
Or maybe just meant to give everything away

Eventually the crickets would stop
And I was left only the sound of those sirens
I could never tell if you were ever louder then crickets
But I still have not made a sound