Name: (will accept medieval and game names)



Humans/Elves: Are all arounders, no strengths no weaknesses.

Were: High physical strength with some magic affinty. Weres includes werecats, weretigers, werebears, werewolves, and wererats. Will accept any other type of weres

Golems: High physical strength and high defense. However cannot use weapons because of their body are made from stone, metal, or both.

Appearance: (If you choose golem, choose a type of stone or metal)



Combat skills: Things like enhancing weapons on your character's person or whatever.

Class: Warrior, mage, rogue, or any variation of them

Style of fighting:

Profession skills: Skills that can be used to make a living or contribute to society

Gathering skills: Skills that can be used to find items around them. (Example mining, herbalism, fishing, )

Production skills: Skills that can be used to make items. (example: crafting, Alchemy, enchanting, etc,etc)

History and background