I feel so defeated,
So let down an beaten,
You left my heart so confused,
So torn in two and bruised,
Was this real?
Or am I just old news?
I gave my all to you...
I swear every word that left my lips were true,
But it didnt take long before I felt trouble start to brew,
Before I knew what was happening the hurricane grew,
Things spun out of control...life is passing by too fast,
Somewhere deep inside I knew we'd never last,
I knew you'd walk away and I'd be nothing more than a piece of your past.
It was all a dream we had,
But I never dreamed lettin you go would be so hard.
You told me you cared,
Something special we shared,
When your arms wrapped around me that first time for a hug,
I never wanted you to let me free!
I'd stay there forever if you'd just hold me tight.
I wish you hadn't let go babe.

You tell me ill find a better man,
While It may be true it wasn't part of the plan.
I know you weren't ready,
We were far from going steady,
I wish I could go back and begin again...
This time just start out as no more than a friend.
I guess this is one war I can never ever win.
So what's the point in trying to begin again?...ent here...