Have you ever seen the shadows in the streets

When you're sitting in a cinema, and there's all those empty seats

Have you ever wondered, what it is they are

When you see that forlorn teddy, and that left behind guitar

Do you know the people, who the rest of the world don't see

The homeless and the helpless, and the social amputee

The ones who live like shadows, who flit around the place

The ones who cannot change their lives, as each is without a face

These people they reach out, and try to ask for help

But their voices are just whispers, and the odd defeated yelp

The bustle of the world, it tends to drown them out

And means that you struggle to hear, what it is they're shouting about

Do you blame they country, the leaders or the police

Or think if you ignore them, then their existence will cease

Do you never think that it might be you to blame

Or do you believe that you should not feel shame

There is an alternative, there is another choice

An option, which I'm sure, will join you with a united voice

You could help the people, that the rest of the world don't see

The homeless and the helpless and the social amputee