The headmaster sat further back in his chair. One of his spies shifted nervously under the hard glare the man was giving him.

"The twin is awake?" he demanded.

"Yes sir," the guy murmured, "His brother managed to awake him."

"Well then," the headmaster purred setting his hands under his chin, "First the little one managed to snap his brother out of the siren's song. And now the bigger one has awoken the younger one. It seems the prophecy is correct. These are the twins come to save us from curse."

"Isn't that a good thing, sir?" the spy asked shifting from foot to foot.

"No!" the man suddenly snapped rising to his feet, slamming his hands against the hard wood, "The curse is what gives me power! Without it, I'll die."

"That seems a little harsh," the spy murmured trying to blend into the showers.

"No, it's not," the man growled, "It's what gives me my power but no worries because by this time, all the creatures have heard of the twins that can do the impossible."

The spy shrank further back at the implication the man held. Whatever he was planning, it was only the beginning.

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