In the beginning we were best friends

You meant everything to me

And then as we grew older

I began to see you in a different light

You seemed so perfect

So funny and so sweet

With such an outgoing streak

I saw you in a different light

It was years after

That I realised it was love

At the time, we were friends

Despite that different light

As the years passed we grew apart

You're now popular and happy

A girlfriend, good grades, everything

But there is still that different light

Now all I can do is watch

As you get on with your life

And I am left alone, at the side-lines

With that different light

So I realised it was love? Yeah!

But why can't I move on?

Say how I miss the old times

And plan for the future?

Why can't I even talk to you anymore?

Why is it so awkward?

Why do I still cry over you, all these years later?

Can't date guys, simply because they are not you

Why do you have to be in that light?