I glanced out the car window thinking about Jane and Nicole I tried to think of something nice, but nothing came to mind.

Finally I remember that Ally and Margaret were spending the night.

I had asked Ally to spend the night and she asked if she could ask someone else to spend the night. I said yes but not Jane or Nicole.

When we got home I got ready for them to come over and soon they were there. But guess who Ally asked to spend the night? NICOLE! I couldn't believe it I had told her not to ask Nicole, but she asked anyway.

When they came in Ally was carrying all of hers and Nicole's bags. "Nicole, why is Ally carrying all your things?" I asked.

"Because I asked her to." Nicole answered.

"Ally I thought that you were going to ask Margaret."

"I know but"…. Ally started but Nicole cut her off .

"She likes me better than Margaret, don't you Ally?" Ally said nothing, "Don't you Ally?"

She still said nothing. '"Well?" she said.

"Ally come here," I said.

\ Ally didn't move. "Ally do you want to go home?" I asked.

Before Ally could answer. NO! Nicole said, "She wants to stay here with me." !

"You, Nicole, need to let Ally make her own decisions!" I snapped at Nicole.

" Oh, mind your own beeswax!" She snipped back.


" OH BROTHER!" she yells back.

"YOU DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT HER FEELINGS!" I almost scream at her.

"Well let me tell y-"

But Nicole never finishes her threat because just then Ally yells, "Oh will you just SHUT UP ALREADY!? I'M GOING HOME!" Then she runs out the door.

Nicole turns to me, "This is all your fault you know." With that she stomps to the door, jerks it open, and walks out slamming it behind her.

The next day at school I go over to Nicole and say, "We were both unfair to Ally yesterday we should try to be polite to each other for Ally since she is both of our friend."

Nicole stared at me for a second and the says, "I couldn't care less about Ally's feelings." then she walks away.

Jane walks up to me and smiles as if her treating me like dirt the other day had never happened so instead of returning her smile I glare at her. She shrugs, as if my opinion doesn't matter, then walks away and follows Nicole.