It had been a long day. Margaret was spending the night since tomorrow would not be a school day. "I've had enough of Nicole" I told Margaret. "Me too." said. "We need to do something about her" "I know." "But what?" As we went to bed I thought about what I could do.

A few days later at school I heard Jane yell at "Stop bossing me around" She yelled at Nicole. I wondered why she was being mean to Nicole. "But…." Nicole started to say to Jane but Jane cut her off "I don't want to hear it" She told Nicole. Jane walked over to me I stared at her silent. "I'm sorry." She told me. "You're forgiven." I said to Jane. We went over to Margaret so Jane could tell her sorry. When we were walked over to Margaret I saw Nicole roll her eyes. When we walked over to Margaret Jane said to her "Sorry" Margaret looked at Jane mysteriously. "You're forgiven she said. Soon we had to go back to school. As we went back to school Nicole turn to me and stuck out her tongue.