"Big brother! Why is your uniform all wet?" a girl ran forward to a boy. The girl was about 5 feet 2 inches tall and had long blonde hair. Her eyes were a gentle hazel. The boy was about 6 inches taller than the girl. He also had blonde hair but his eyes were green.

"I'm okay, Lauren. Can you dry me?" the boy answered with a smile. Lauren was in loss of words.

"Big brother, did the flowers bully you again? Or was it the blooms?" Lauren asked very seriously. She got a device out and tapped it on her brother's clothes.

"It's nothing. You don't need to be worried about me," he answered as he straightened up.

This is the year of 4023 when scientists developed methods to use magic. There are 5 schools in the world to learn magic and one of them is in America. The entrance exams are written and practical. Written tests consist of math, literature, science, and history of magic. The practical exams consist of using your body and magic rather than your brain. The school tests the students how fast they can perform magic at which level and strength of their magic. The school is divided into three ranks and they are flowers, bloom, and weed. The flowers are the strongest in the entire school. Only 50 students pass the test for flowers. Then, there are blooms where they have the potential to be in flowers. They are the replacements in case one of flowers is unable to stay due to psychological issues or they choose to drop out. Only about 100 students are in blooms. Lastly, there are weeds that are replacements for the blooms. Their practical skills are exceptional but not beyond that. Like blooms, there are about 100 students in weeds. There are not many teachers since the Student Council is in charge of the students. Student Council gives lectures at least once a week on magic and demonstrates harder rank magic. They usually demonstrate level A or B magic in those demonstrations. That is why the Student Council Presidents are chosen by how strong they are. Then, the president chooses the vice president, treasurer, and two secretaries. This particular school is called Keith Valley Magic School.

"Matt! Were you bullied again?" a voice from behind joked.

"Look who is here? Hello, Mr. Strongest Bloom." Matt joked with a straight face.

"Dude, you need to work on your jokes." He said laughing.

"Then why-" Matt started.

"Excuse me, Robert. May I ask what you are talking about?" Lauren interrupted. She looked calm but Robert knew better. "What did you say about bullying?"

"Chill out! What I mean is, well…" Robert started then looked at Matt who shook his head. "Ask him yourself! If I tell you, then he will kill me right here the second I tell you!"

Lauren looked disappointed then turned to look at her brother.

"Big brother, were you the target of the flowers and blooms again?" Lauren directly asked him.

Matt stayed silent as he looked at Lauren's eyes and eventually sighed. "Yes. I was. Sorry I can't be the big brother you can be proud of." Matt replied while patting his sister's head.

"No! I am proud of you. After all, no one can beat you in a real battle." Lauren said matter-of-factly. Lauren looked like she was pondering about something really important. Then, she smiled mischievously and looked at Robert and Matt. "I have an idea. I know you and Robert will disagree but I will do this no matter what."

"What is it?" Robert asked.

"It's a secret. You will know tomorrow. Until then, please do not ask, big brother and Robert." She said as she bowed almost ninety degrees.

"Alright, I got it! Don't be like that!" Robert yelled as he scratched his head.

"I wonder why I have a bad feeling about this." Matt shook his head.

"Tell me about it." Robert said as he rolled his eyes.

Next day in the cafeteria, Lauren walked across the cafeteria to Matt as usual. However, instead of greeting him as she always does, she said, "Matthew Onceford of class 1F, my name is Lauren Onceford and I challenge you to a battle. Will you accept?"

All students in the cafeteria whispered to each other. Robert laughed. Matt looked shocked for a second and returned to his straight face. He went in a deep silence as if he was contemplating on what to say for an answer.

"Accept it, Matt. You know she won't take no for an answer!" Robert leaned over and whispered to him.

"Big brother, I-" Lauren got cut off by the angry crowd in the cafeteria.

"Get away from our princess, weed!" They all shouted from all direction. Some people threw eggs and tomatoes at him. Robert simply put up a shield to protect Matt, Lauren, and himself.

"Please stop!" Lauren shouted as she stood in front of her big brother, her arms straight out her sides. She had tears forming in her eyes as she covered for her brother from the eggs and tomatoes that was thrown at them.

"If you guys don't stop, I will make sure that you don't have a singe of hair left on your head." Robert's face was covered with disgusted look. His wristband lit up and he had fire surrounding him.

"Robert, stop." Matt said as he put his hand up. Robert looked at Matt then sighed as he put out his fire. Matt turned to his sister after seeing Robert put out the fire.

"Lauren, do you know what you just did? What were you thinking?" Matt said angrily as he grabbed his sister's shoulders.

"Please believe in me. Bear this for a little while longer and you won't be bullied ever again!" Lauren announced confidently.

"What are you saying? Are you saying you did this so I don't get bullied anymore? Is that what you are saying?" Matt got louder as he talked.

Lauren flinched and Matt sighed. "Lauren, I can't help it! I am the weakest weed here. There is no way a weed can win against a flower much less the strongest flower in the whole grade!"

Matt looked around and his voice dropped. "Say that you were joking. Say that and let's get out of here. Please, I don't want any trouble."

"I'm sorry big brother, it is too late for me to say that. 'They' will come any time now." Lauren said.

"Who-" Matt trailed off as his expression turned from clueless to very surprised.

As if that was a cue, a group of students came in. "What is going on here? Who threw the eggs and who got hit?"

All the students in the cafeteria bowed to the person who spoke. This included Robert, Matt, and Lauren.

"I asked a question here." The girl growled. She looked enraged. She had a short brown hair with brown colored eyes.

Matt stepped out in front of his sister and said, "I am sorry about this outrageous behavior. It is my fault."

"Matt, you started this?" The girl looked startled.

"That is not true. I challenged him to a battle and people just started throwing eggs at him, so it is my fault, Angela." Lauren protested as she stepped in front of Matt protectively.

"Hmmm… The genius siblings started this?" Angela looked troubled. "Follow me to the Student Council room, Lauren and Matt. Maria, can you give everyone who participated punishments? I want you to do it especially to Mr. Firewood there."

"I got it, Angela." Maria stepped out and yelled, "Step out if you were involved in this in five seconds."

"Let us go." Angela turned around and the Student Council made a path for her to lead the way. Lauren looked back at Robert then turned to follow them. Matt just followed without saying anything.

The Student Council Room was incredible. It was bigger than most apartment rooms. It was divided into two parts. One of them had desks for them to do paperwork and the other had a big round table with a hole in the middle. In each seat, it was labeled by their office. It was 'President' at the head of the round table. To the right, it was 'Vice President', left of the President's seat was 'Treasurer'. Lastly, the two secretaries each had their names at the end of the round table. Everyone sat down after Angela sat in the President seat. The Vice President seat was empty and Matt and Lauren stood in the middle with Matt standing protectively in front of Lauren.

"Now, can you explain what actually happened?" Angela asked as she rested her chin in her folded hands. Her eyes were twinkling with excitement.

"I will, An- no, Miss President. I became the Vice President for one and only one reason and it is my brother. Ever since we came to this school, I was considered as the strongest and my brother, the weakest. I could not accept that and I thought I could change that. If I was the Vice President, then I thought perhaps I can change my brother to flowers." Lauren stepped out in front of her brother.

"What does that have to do with anything, Miss Onceford?" the secretary asked from her seat. She looked very impatient. "That is ridiculous! Of course we know that Matthew Onceford is in the weeds!"

"Big brother was bullied to no end. The reason is because he is the weakest weed. He is friends with me, the strongest flower, and Robert, the strongest bloom. I have had enough seeing my big brother get bullied." Lauren continued.

"I am sorry to hear this but you have to tell us what the commotion was about, Lauren." Angela said very gently.

"I challenged my big brother to a battle in cafeteria." Lauren boldly stated.
Everybody gasped; all except for Angela. The excitement in her eyes grew even more.

"So you are finally going to battle after turning down everybody's request ever since the school started?" Angela asked definitely looking interested.

"Yes. I plan to do that. But before that, please listen to my selfish request." Lauren bowed.

"I accept." Angela said without considering. "How about the rest of you? Do you agree with me?"

"Yes." People said in unison but some sounded doubtful.

"No." A voice objected. It was Matt.

"This is going to be interesting." Angela stated ignoring Matt's objection.

"Thank you," Lauren said. "But I have some conditions. Will you listen to them?"

"It all depends. State them first and I shall consider." Angela said.
"I understand. First, if big brother wins, then put him in the flowers with me. I will give him my title of being the strongest." Lauren started.

"I accept only if you fight with all your strength. I know your full potential and I will know if you are being serious or not." Angela said. "Nobody will accept him after all if you do that."

"I know. I don't plan on going easy on big brother because if I do, then I might lose my life." Lauren replied with a terrified look on her face. She shook her head.

"I do not think so, Lauren. You give me too much credit." The smile on Matt was so small that you would have to strain your eyes to see it.

"Oh no, big brother, please-" Lauren started.

"Can you continue on your conditions, please?" The secretary asked. "We don't have a lot of time, Miss Vice President."

"Yes. I am sorry." Lauren bowed. "Second, I want big brother to use two MCs."

Everybody looked confused including Matt. MC is a device people who use magic has to have. It is an acronym for Magic Controller. It comes out as many different forms such as gun, wrist strap, or a card. Normally, it is hard for magicians to control one of them but there are a handful amount of people in the world who can use two at once. They are considered the elites of the elites and often named Two Hand Magicians.

"Two? How can a weed control two MC's? As far as I know, even our president is not at that level yet!" The treasurer stood up slamming his hand on the desk.

"This is going to be interesting. I accept this condition. Do your best, Matt." Angela cut him off. "Excuse me, Andrew."

"It is fine, Miss President." the treasurer muttered as he sat back down. "I am sorry."

"Anyway, I accept this. But do you, Matt?" Angela asked.

"Since when did you ask for my opinion, Miss President?" Matt asked.

"True. Matthew Onceford, you will use 2 MCs when you battle." Angela announced. "Are those all the conditions, Lauren?"


"I have additional conditions, Miss President." Matt stepped out.

"Alright. State them." Angela looked with interest once again.

"I want the battle to be tomorrow. I do not want anyone to watch our battle except for the Student Council members and Robert Firewood. Meaning, I do not want anyone to film nor talk about what they saw." Matt replied.

"Why? If you become a flower without anyone watching, then they will not accept you, big brother." Lauren exclaimed.

"Lauren, you already said too much. Father is not going to appreciate you telling everyone that I can use two MCs. He told us to keep it a secret. You also know that I cannot control my power that well. You might die." Matt whispered angrily. "Think about your body first!"

"I am sorry." Lauren was in tears.

"No. It is my fault for letting you know my secret. I hope you got stronger since last time. I cannot hold back anymore." Matt sighed then smiled.

Angela smirked and her eyes were full of interest and Matt noticed. He pretended not to see and with his right hand, he made number four. Angela nodded and looked away.

"Anyway, the mock battle will be tomorrow at 9 o'clock in the private battle room in room 27. Matt and Lauren Onceford will bring Robert Firewood with them. The battle will be supervised by Maria and I will make a contract right now." Angela looked at the secretary. "Can you do it, Joseph?"

"Yes." the boy in the secretary seat answered then muttered some words. The paper glowed and the pen started to write by itself. "Please sign here, Miss President and Matthew and Lauren Onceford. Then, this contract will be complete."

The three of them signed and the paper disappeared. "Contract between Miss Angela Foursman, Miss Lauren Onceford, and Mr. Matthew Onceford is complete. Please do not break the rules and conditions." Secretary named Joseph announced in front of the Student Council.

"I will see you tomorrow, Matthew and Lauren." Angela said and stood up. The rest of the Student Council stood up and followed Angela out.

Matt and Lauren were alone and Matt sighed. "Let's go, Lauren. We have to go prepare for our battle tomorrow."

"I'm sorry. It's my fault that you are revealing your power already." Lauren had tears forming in her eyes.

"I was bound to reveal it someday. I just didn't think it was this soon," Matt started. "It's okay. I hope you got stronger though. You know I can't control it, so I can't hold back."

"You didn't practice magic for a year. Even on the entrance exam day, you didn't use your power at all. I think you got a bit rusty, big brother." Lauren smiled and they started to walk out.

"Dude! What happened, Matt? Are you doing it after all? You are right?" Robert asked in one breath.

"Later, yes, and yes." Lauren answered for her brother. "Sorry. My brother is not in the mood to talk right now.

"Awe, come on." Robert laughed. "But I knew it. You do have a soft spot for Lauren!"

"Why would you say that?" Lauren asked. She stopped and looked at Robert.

"If the one who challenged him was me, he would have refused without considering and after that, he would have beaten me up half to death!" Robert snickered. "I never would have thought he would show his power this early."

Matt glared at him and Robert saw the 'say-more-and-I'll-kill-you' look and changes the subject. They talked about what to have for dinner.

"Angela is going to come at 4 o'clock today." Matt suddenly spoke up.

"Then is she going to stay for dinner?" Lauren asked.

"Maybe, Lauren. If she is alive after I am done with her anyway." Matt replied.

"Big brother! Please don't do that! It is not-" Lauren started.

"I am kidding. I just wanted to ask her something." Matt said.

"No comment." Robert said. "Let's go home then. We have about one hour, right?"

"Yes." Matt answered. "Let's go home early today."

"Okay." Lauren took out her MC which looked like a bracelet. After muttering some words, all their bags appeared. Then, the three of them all went out the gate. The gate opened as they all scanned their identification cards. They walked to the train station. When they got home, they all went to their own room.

"Mr. Matthew, would you like a coffee or a tea?" Robert came in bowing.

"Robert, I told you to call me Matt." Matt sighed.

"I refuse, sir. I am your servant and even if you command me to call you by your name, I will have to refuse." Robert rejected in monotone.

"You call me by my name in school." Matt replied.

"That is an exception, Mr. Matthew. Now, would you like anything to drink?" Robert turned away.

"I would like a coffee with 2 teaspoon of sugar." Matt replied. "Robert, call me Matt and act like you are at school in home too."

"Once again, I respectively refuse, sir." Robert bowed then went out.

Matt sighed and stood up. He went out to the living room and found that Lauren was also there sipping her tea. Robert was in the kitchen brewing the coffee.

"Big brother. Angela called and she said that she will be 30 minutes late." Lauren told Matt when she saw him coming in.

"I understand. Robert, prepare dinner for us." Matt said coldly.

"Yes, Mr. Matthew." Robert turned away and started getting the ingredients.

"Robert, I will ask you once again." Matt said as he was ystanding at the foot of the kitchen. "Call me Matt."

"I can't, sir." Robert leaned in and whispered, "I would lovey to but there are hidden cameras everywhere in this house."

"I understand." Matt sighed and went into the living room.

"Big brother, would you like me to destroy the cameras? I know where all of them are." Lauren asked.

"No. If we do, they will barge in our house." Matt replied.

"Ah, I see..." Lauren slightly sulked. Then, the doorbell rang.

"I will get it, big brother. Please wait a minute." Lauren called out and ran to the door.

"Hello, Lauren. Thank you for having me today." Angela smiled and bowed.

"No. Welcome to our house." Lauren smiled and bowed too. "Why is Mr. Andrew here?"

"He is my bodyguard and also, he is a servant just like Robert Firewood." She answered. "I tried to sneak out but I got caught."

"Please do not try that anymore, Miss. I will get scolded!" Andrew exclaimed.

"I apologize, Andrew. I didn't mean to worry you." Angela smiled.

"Angela, come to the living room if you're already here. I highly suggest don't keep me waiting." Matt called out coldly.

"Yes, yes. I am on my way." Angela replied.
Matt was not in a good mood. He was scowling and Lauren noticed this.

"Are you alright, big brother?" Lauren asked.

"I am fine. Go to your room I want to talk to her in private. Andrew, why don't you help Robert making dinner?" Matt asked but it felt like it was an order.

"Yes. Please excuse me." Lauren said as she bowed and she left the living room. Angela nodded and Andrew excused himself.

"So what did you want to talk about, Matt?" Angela asked.

"Can you put a silencing magic? I don't want father to listen to this."

"I was wondering when you would notice the cameras. I was bothered by them last time I came here." Angela said as she waved her MC. "Matt, even I didn't agree on you being in weeds. Lauren wasn't the only one upset, you know."

"That is too bad. I am in the weeds for a reason and it is because I am not good at practical magic and nothing else." Matt replied. His voice got louder and louder.

"Chill out, Matt." Angela said.

"Why did you agree to Lauren's conditions?"

"I accepted yours too."

"That is different. It was necessary."

"Yeah, only your conditions were important and not Lauren's." Angela said sarcastically. "Face it, Matt. If you use only one MC you are going to purposely loose."

"Why would you care?"

"I need my fiancé to look good."

"Who told-"

"Never mind that. You cannot avoid this no matter what happens."
Matt sighed. He had his head in his hands and sat on the couch without saying anything. "But can't you do something about it?"

"No. I will not help her either." Angela said firmly.

"Know this. If Lauren dies, it will be your fault. I have warned you."

"Matt, control yourself if you're that worried about her."

"You should know how well that turned out."

"So you didn't try using two MCs after that day?"

"No. Of course not. Do I look like I am crazy?"

"When are you going to tell her?"

"Tell her what?" Matt asked but he already knew who Angela was talking about.

"That you are not her brother!" Angela exclaimed.

"Never." Matt tensed. "You are an idiot."

"Why do you say that?" Angela asked.

"There's a hole there," Matt pointed to a spot to the left. "Someone was listening to us the whole time."

"Excuse me? Who would-" Angela trailed off.

"I don't know. For all I know, there is only one in this house that is strong enough to break into your spell." Matt sighed.

"I am sorry. It was a secret between us and Robert about that day."

"No, forget it. She was bound to find it out one day."

"Look at that. It's already 5 o'clock. I think the dinner is ready." Angela pointed at the clock then released the spell.

"What did you find out, Lauren?" Matt asked as they sat down.

"I am sorry. I heard everything. When did you try to control two MCs? What do you mean 'that day', big brother? Why am I the only one that doesn't know the secret you were talking about?" Lauren broke down and started crying.

"Lauren, I-" Angela started but Matt cut her off with his hand.

"No. I will tell you later when you are ready to hear this." Matt said.

"How long is that?" Angela snapped. "You aren't planning on telling her, are you? Do you think that is protecting her? She is going to find out sooner or later and I think she would rather hear this from you and no one else."

"Fine, I will tell you now." Matt sighed and then continued. "You are my clone, Lauren. You should not exist in this world but I accidentally made you when I was trying to control the two MCs." Matt paused for a second. "I was called the genius child because I could control a MC when I was only a week old. Father wanted to see if I could control two MCs when I was 11 months old when I fully mastered one. That's when it happened. Of course Robert and Angela knows about you."

Lauren gasped and looked speechless. She had a dumbfounded face and dropped her gaze to her half-finished food.

"Lauren, no matter what, I will love you and cherish you with all my heart." Matt sighed.

Matt glared at Angela. "Are you satisfied now? Look what you have done. She's speechless now! Look at her expression!"

"Robert, comfort her. I am going to my room." Matt stood up.

"Come. Let us go to your room, Miss Lauren." Robert said soothingly. Lauren stood up, her knees buckling. She leaned on Robert for support as she shakily walked toward her room.

"Let's go home, Andrew." Angela sighed as she stood up and gestured her bodyguard to follow her.

The next day, Matt woke up with a groan and dressed up. Robert already made breakfast and Lauren was eating. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were red and swollen. Matt summoned a brush and went up to her. He brushed Lauren's hair gently, tying the hair up. Lauren flinched slightly but it didn't go unnoticed by Matt.

"Just because you are my clone does not mean I don't love you. Like I said last night, I will always love you and cherish you. Call me big brother like you always do if you want." Matt said as he finished up fixing his 'sister's' hair.

"Y-yes." Lauren stammered and smiled faintly. "I will go all out today. Good luck, big brother."

"Yeah." Matt said. Lauren and Matt went out the door and Robert followed.

"Phew. I hate that house. I can never be myself and always have to watch what I am saying." Robert sighed as soon as he came out the door.

"Yeah. I like this you better." Matt said.

"Hey, Lauren, are you alright? How are you taking that fact?" Robert asked.

"I am fine. Big brother doesn't mistreat me like the main house did. Even after I know that I am his clone. I will continue to help him and I will die for him if I have to." Lauren answered.

"No need to go that far. I want you alive no matter what." Matt said as he kissed Lauren on the forehead. Lauren blushed and Robert whistled as he went ahead pretending not to see. "Survive today, okay? I can't have you die."

"Yes, big brother. I will survive this battle." Lauren smiled.

At 9 o'clock, the whole Student Council officers, Lauren, Maria, Matt, and Robert were present at the private battle room. Lauren had a bracelet MC and Matt had two gun models. They were dressed in their battle uniform. The uniforms looked exactly the same as their regular school uniform, but the major difference was that it had a number in the back. This indicated what rank the person was in. Lauren's number was number 1 but Matt's was 351.

"The rule is whoever knocks down the opponent first wins. No maiming or killing. Otherwise, you are free to do anything." Maria stated.

"Are you both ready?" Maria asked as she looked at the siblings. When she saw a nod from both of them, she raised her hand and said, "Begin!"

As soon as Matt heard "Begin!", he immediately runs forward to Lauren. As if Lauren anticipated for this to happen, she dodged Matt and turns around, getting her MC ready to shoot at her brother. Lauren shot her first shot directly at Matt's shoulder. Matt easily dodges and got his right MC ready. The MC started to glow up and almost blinded Lauren's eyes if she didn't cover her eyes.

All of the audiences watched the battle in awe. Angela and Robert knew who would win from the beginning but didn't think Lauren could hold on this much.
Lauren kept on firing at Matt without stopping. Matt just dodged gracefully as he started to approach to Lauren.

"What? T-that is not possible..." Lauren looked startled, shaking wildly. She fell on her bottom as her legs gave away and her MC skidded away as Matt kicked it.

"You have gotten stronger. It looks like I have to finish you with this." Matt prepared his right gun. It glowed and shot at Lauren who collapsed right away.

When the Student Council looked at Matt, his MC was crackling with statics.

"You managed not to kill her. What did I tell you?" Angela smiled.

Matt did not response and picked Lauren up. "Nice job, Lauren. You managed to make me use 75% of my strength and you damaged me." he whispered and his left MC glowed.

Lauren slowly woke up and smiled. "Thank you for healing me. You finally managed to control it, brother. You were always called a disappointment for failing but now, you won't."

"Yes. I have to thank you for that." Matt said.

"Miss President, can you tell us what happened? How can a weed beat Miss Vice President?" Joseph asked as he turned his head toward Angela.

"Matthew Onceford is my fiancé and is one of the top five magicians in the world. Not just in America but in standard of the whole world." Angela answered with a smile.

"He also beat your dad when he was only 5 months old, right?" Robert asked with a wink.

"Yes. I saw it with my own eyes and it was quite disappointing. My father was quite confident and Matt won without getting a scratch. He was quite cute and strong when he was little." Angela laughed.

"Lauren! What's wrong?" Matt shouted. Everyone looked at his direction. Lauren was slowly closing her eyes.

"May be she is just resting. Don't worry." Angela said.

"No. Her breathing is becoming shallower and her heartbeat is slowing down." Matt panicked.

"Thank you big brother, for giving me a reason to live. I did not want you to be hated by the main house and be sad... I wanted to-" Lauren coughed. "I wanted to make you happy. I- I was supposed to die 5 years ago when I turn 10 but your strong magic kept me from dying. Living 5 more years with you- gave" Lauren gasped for air then coughed up some blood. "Gave me a...wonderful...memory." Lauren's hand started to reach for Matt's face. The tears in Lauren's eyes fell slowly down her face. "Thank...you...bro-" before Lauren was able to finish, her hand dropped.

"Lauren! No! Wake up, please..." Matt shouted.

Angela gasped and tears fell like a waterfall. Robert went up to Matt to comfort him but Matt ignored him. He kept on yelling at Lauren to wake up. Eventually, he gave up and stood up. He turned away from Lauren, his back facing the corpse and started to walk away.

"Matt!" Matt stopped walking and looked at Angela. "She said she was happy. Don't blame yourself... It's not your fault that she died! She knew her fate to die all along..." Angela trailed off and cried even harder. "Don't walk away like that! We have to give her a proper grave!"

Matt turned around and started to walk away again. He almost reached the door when Robert said, "Matt? Matt! Come over here! Something's wrong with Lauren!"

Angela slowly looked at Lauren with widened eyes. "Matt! This is exactly what happened 15 years ago! The smoke, smell, and even this clicking sound..."

At that moment, Matt turned around and ran to Lauren in inhumane speed. Smoke filled the air as the volume clicking sound gradually increased.

"Lauren!" Matt shouted. He desperately searched around the room for her but could not find the corpse.

All the sudden, there was a loud sound of someone crying. Everyone in the room searched for the source of the sound and found it. Angela moved the clothes and reached for the crying baby with her hands shaking.

"Is that-" Robert trailed off.

"That is a b-baby!" Joseph pointed at the crying baby.

"What?" Matt rushed to the baby. He hugged it and the baby stopped crying and smiled. Matt smiled back and hugged the baby tightly with a single tear fell from his eye.