last night
i was so cold.
it was dark and

but i didnt go back.
i stayed here,
and i laughed at the darkness.
it cant ruin me.

i said i wouldnt go back.
and haha, hey, look.
i didnt.
i guess i didnt lie.

i dont feel the need
to forgive and
i dont feel anything.

the darkness.
its my friend.
cant you ever
understand that?

you cant change me.
i begged you to
quit trying.
nothing can fix me.

i read all of you texts
and listen to your messages
but i wont call back.
i like it here.

i know youre scared.
but im ok, silly boy.
quit crying.
its alright.

dont worry about me.
sitting alone in the dark
is whats helping me.

dont say im ruining myself.
dont tell me the darkness is ruining me.
havent you learned, silly boy?
nothing can ruin me.