Chapter One

Beth sighed as she sat at her desk, her mind numb from working so hard. Rubbing her eyes she looked at the clock, barely registering the fact that it was past midnight. Her brother and parents were fast asleep and the house was eerily quiet for a Friday night. Picking up her favourite book, she decided to relax before going to bed. Heading over to her window, she opened it slightly before settling down on the big seated windowsill.

Noises from outside startled her from her book, and she turned to peer out the window. When they were younger, her brother Andy had been close with the boy next door, but she had never really spoken to him. In cliché terms, he was the resident bad boy – and that had put her on edge.

Now she became aware that he had been out, and that he was very, very drunk. She could see him swaying outside his house, fiddling in his pockets for what she presumed were his keys. Tutting softly, she turned back to her book, determined to ignore the commotion outside. Seconds later, a small crack sounded from the window next to her, causing her heart to pound.

Opening her window, she saw Mason below, his jet black hair moving slightly in the wind. A small grin spread across his features as he let the small pebbles in his hand drop to the floor as he made a mock salute towards her. Rolling her eyes, she remembered why she had barely spoken to him.

"Oh Beth, enjoying the show from up there from your throne?" He asked, bowing down as if to mock her. Gritting her teeth, she slammed her window shut, a blush spreading across her cheeks. How dare he! Just because she behaved well and actually attended school, he had always believed that she was some sort of stuck up diva.

Truth was, her life was far from perfect. It was just a wall she had worked hard on to build; with her good grades and apparently 'perfect' boyfriend and family life, people believed she had it all. If only they knew, She thought bitterly.

From the corner of her eye she noticed his bedroom light flicker on, and she breathed a sigh of relief that he was no longer harassing her from below her window. Somehow he had managed to find his keys and negotiate his way upstairs; from what her brother had told her, his mother was barely ever in, so there had been no chance of him waking her up in his drunken haze.

His blinds were still open, and she couldn't help but peer over at his house to make sure he was okay. Mason moved over to the window as he took off his shirt to climb into bed, and she couldn't help but hold her breath; any normal girl would swoon at the sight of his body. He was well built and she could see the vague outline of a six pack, and she guessed he spent more time on his body than he let on.

Fiddling with his hair he finally settled in his window seat, his eyes meeting hers as he caught her looking. Her breath caught in her throat as he stared at her, and she couldn't help but wonder what he was looking at.

Mason sat in his window seat and peered across to the house opposite, his mind clouded by alcohol as he thought about her. She sat in her window reading her book, as she did every night; but this night was different. Tonight she was looking at him, and he vaguely wondered if she was concerned.

He laughed softly at himself; why would a girl like Bethany Hudson be worried about someone as inferior as him? Ever since they were younger she had tried to keep her distance from him, no matter how hard he tried to get close to her. Not that it mattered; it was best that she kept her distance from him. He was completely fucked up, and if she got close, he would mess up her life completely.

Her dark hair fell softly around her shoulders, and he couldn't help but wish to run his fingers through it. Would it feel as soft as it looked? Sighing he turned away, his eyes clouding with tears when he realised what he was thinking. It was stupid really; Bethany Hudson would never look twice at someone like him. But each night, he couldn't help but look over at her reading in her window seat. Without her knowing, he had seen her get completely lost in different books, get emotional at different pages. She relaxed completely when reading, and he couldn't help but wish he could escape from his life like that.

Turning back to her, his eyes connected with hers one more time before he reached for his blinds, lowering them and blocking her out from his life.

A/N: New story, I hope you like! This is just a small chapter to set the scene. This story is going to be a bit darker than 'Let's Pretend' too, and I may change the rating later. Please R & R! :) X