The Owl and the Diamond Necklace

Once upon a time there was a big forest. In that forest lived a bunch of animals who were all friends. There was Mr. Raccoon, Mr. Coyote, Mr. Squirrel, Mr. Owl, and Ms. Bunny. All day long they would play and laugh; they got along great. Mr. Raccoon was a curious creature who was very protective over what he thought was his and often stole from the others; Mr. Squirrel was a simpler fellow and did not think often before he acted, he was smart but got into trouble by playing jokes on the other animals; Mr. Coyote was the strongest of the group and thus was quite proud, he spent his days showing off his strength and speed or laughing at the others mess ups ; Ms. Bunny was a beautiful rabbit and spent all day after they others attention and always made sure it was known she was the prettiest of all. The thing all of those four had in common was an unbelievably strong love for pretty things.

Usually they all got along great; the three boys enjoyed their days as they pleased and Ms. Bunny enjoyed hers being complimented by the others. One day though Mr. Owl grew bored watching the others being so selfish and decided to teach them a lesson. Now Mr. Owl may not have been the biggest or strongest of the group but he was without a doubt the smartest. So he came up with a brilliant plan and the next day he began.

"Hello friends." Said Mr. Owl.

"Hello Mr. Owl." they all replied, "What is that you have?"

Mr. Owl looked down at the thing he held in his talons acting as if it were nothing. "Why this?" he asked holding it up for them to get a better look.

"Yes! What is it?" asked Mr. Squirrel.

Mr. Owl still acted as if it were of no interest, "Oh this is nothing. Just a Diamond necklace I found that a human must have lost. It is nothing special."

As he had expected all four of their eyes lit up. They looked at him as if he was crazy and he hid a grin before continuing.

"In fact, I do not think I want it anymore. Do any of you by chance?"

They all went to speak but Ms. Bunny was the first, "I do! I do!" she cried excitedly.

Mr. Owl nodded and gave her the necklace. After a minute or two of talking he flew on his way. Already he could see the jealousy in the others' eyes. The three others stared at Ms. Bunny's necklace with greedy thoughts. They were so caught up in this that they did not see Mr. Owl hide in a nearby tree to watch.

The next day everything Mr. Owl had thought would happen started. Ms. Bunny woke to Mr. Raccoon trying to steal her necklace. She scolded him and sent him out of her burrow saying she did not want to see him for a good long while. Later that day, Mr. Squirrel snuck the necklace clean off her neck from behind. A game of cat and mouse began as Ms. Bunny tried desperately to get back her shiny new necklace. She failed, but Mr. Coyote did not. He used his speed to cut Mr. Squirrel off and take the necklace himself.

This continued for what seemed like hours; and Mr. Owl watched patiently. After a while their fighting became a dog pile and Mr. Owl had to step in.

"Enough!" he yelled, "Stop this at once." When he saw he had all of their attention he continued. "Do none of you even realize how you're acting?" he looked rather sadly at them, "I gave you that necklace to show you all how greedy and selfish you were being. All of you proved it true by fighting with your friends over an object."

They all looked at the ground guiltily. After a good lecture Mr. Owl took the necklace and hid it in the woods. After that everyone got along again and was even nicer to each other than before. Mr. Owl thought he did a good job; what he did not know was every night they all took to the woods separately, looking for the beautiful diamond he hid so they could have it all to themselves. Though they never found it they all searched on, never giving up on finding it and hiding it from all the rest of the world; their own secret treasure that no one else could have.

The End

A/n: Well that's my super kiddy fable for english!