Miss Fairbanks, more casually known as Danny Fairbanks, pulled off the interstate. She was not normally a small town girl, being from Chicago originally. She had felt sure a job was waiting in Spokane, at a public theater, or maybe a college. After three agonizing months of over staffed organizations, a cheap studio apartment next door to what she was sure was a crack condo; she jumped at the invitation from the college in Ellensburg.

At thirty two she did not think she was too old to be making long commutes. From Ellensburg into Spokane to the city scene. It was nothing like inner city commutes in Los Angeles or even like driving in Seattle.

She checked her speed coming off the interstate then checked the miles, "One hundred and seventy nine miles of listening to Chris Isaac," she said, groggy from being behind the wheel for nearly three hours. She'd forgotten her MP3 player at home here in Ellensburg; her luxurious one bedroom, six-hundred square feet home. As a result, she had listened to cheesy CD's she'd found in her forgotten CD case under the passenger seat.

She still frequented Spokane. They had several colleges, though none seeking new theater or drama staff. They're public theater was also not as large as she would like, or looking for employment, but now they recognized her immediately by face and she was able to skip all of the meet and greet dialog.

She had a good feeling about her last visit though, having directed more than once now at the high school level and about to have her very own college production. Her resume was growing which made her feel pretty confident her break was coming soon. Maybe a lead role, or even director of a more moderately sized, and budgeted production would be hers.

She was not quite home yet, "One hundred and seventy nine, smooth miles," she reassured herself, then smiled and turned up Chris Isaac.