People say I'm crazy. That I'm dramatic. That all of this is made up.

I can't say that they're wrong. It's actually a bit true. In a sense, I suppose.

But it's not false. Nor is it really dramatic, it's just a different interpretation than expected.

And it all depends on your definition of 'crazy'.

Pale-white skin, tinged with red, covers the shaking hands of a girl staring into the darkness of the night. She looks down, her light-brown, almost hazel, eyes staring in an almost blank manner. Her fingers intertwine together, then raise upwards. A sharp breath is taken in, then held for a second. She then forces the air back out, sending a puff of gray, smoke-like breath over her skin. The temporary warmth only serves to cause a shiver to run through her.

Reaching up, she pulls on her coat collar, trying to warm her neck. Her dark brown hair is short and a tad messy. It touches her neck, but does little to keep warmth. She smiles, turns to her side, and parts her lips.

"I'm you."

Her reflection frowns, shivering furiously. It reaches out and attempts to grab at her sleeve, but she takes a step back.

"You're not me, you just look like me." It hisses, displeasure evident in its face. The girl smiles back at her angered counterpart.

"I've tried to tell you, that I'm you. Why is it that you can't understand me?" Here, the girl's smile fades, and she suddenly turns violently toward the view across the street, her short hair whipping at her face. All that lies there is bare trees behind a beaten barbed-wire fence.

Her reflection's face twists, and she reaches again, pulling her other hand from the warmth of her coat's pocket. Somehow, she is unable to reach as far as the girl in front of her. Desperation causes her to press forward, but to no avail.

"Stop this! I can't take this anymore!" The reflection yells, her voice coming out from her throat a bit strangely. The girl blinks. "I don't like it when you do this! I don't want to feel this, or see this, or be here!" The girl turns to her reflection, a tear running down her face. She doesn't wince as it turns to ice on her cheek.

"Why can't you understand me?" She asks one last time, before reaching her own freezing hands out and grasping onto her reflection's outstretched one. Her reflection vanishes, and she takes a deep breath.

The girl takes her steps slowly, deliberately. The snow crunches softly beneath her feet, and over time she creates a small trail. Her eyes search to and fro. Left, then right. Up, down. Behind, forward. No one. She sinks slowly to the ground, balancing with her knees bent while flat on her feet. Her red lips part again.

"Why... do you hate me so?" She asks, her voice to be heard by no one, or perhaps no one in particular. Suddenly, she stands, and there is grass beneath her feet. She's wearing a simple dark blue t-shirt. Her hair has lengthened just a few inches or so. With wide eyes, she takes in the place for a moment, then goes back to indifference.

"Is it better now, that I talk with you?" She whispers softly. After a moment of watching, she takes a step forward toward a crowd of people. She knows every one of them, but cannot see their faces. They're like shadows, completely kept from her vision. They speak to each other, but she can only comprehend ideas, not their very words. Until...

"Who are you?" The girl blinks, seemingly unaffected. Everything is law here. There are no questions, they just are. Her dark eyes look to the ground. She knows that a response from her part will not grant her one from theirs. This is what her reflection couldn't comprehend. The girl reaches out her slightly tan-skinned hand and tugs on one of their shirts. The thin material crumples between her fingers as she attempts to pull their attention her way.

"Please." She mutters.

"Go away." The response is shattered suddenly, and the world goes to white. For a moment, the girl glances at her newly-visible reflection. But soon, it fades. She curls up into a ball, holding her forehead on her knees.

I show you the future when I know you need help.

I tell you things you could never imagine without me.

I take you places that you may never explore.

Yet you hate me, because I take your emotions and perceptions for just a moment.

You can't understand me.

I'm the one who shows you the dreams.

I wait for you every night.

I am you,

The one you deny.