Fountain of Youth

"Pssst, Margo, Margo!"

I swung my head around trying to locate where my name was being whispered from, but could not see anyone. A bunch of other kids were playing in the park fountain in an attempt to avoid the heat. If only I were young enough to do the same. Alas, turning 13 had quashed any and all chance of me running around a fountain with a bunch of boys and girls fully clothed never mind in my underwear. That's not even considering that mom would kill me if a stained my clothes for the simple sake of frolicking in the green tinged water. Shaking away thoughts of escape from the heat I continued on my way home but hadn't gone more than two steps before I heard,

"Margo, over here!" I swiveled my head to the left, "No, over HERE ugly butt the other way."

And there, crouched in the shadow of the fountain's centerpiece was Michael Donovon. Similar to all the others, Michael was in his skivvies and it was obvious he had been splashing in the fountain with abandon just moments before.

Now however, he has his feet pulled up holding himself above the water and pressing himself to the large stone in an attempt to hide from the others splashing just a few feet behind away.

I should be surprised to see him in the fountain considering Michael was a year older. If I was to old to play in the fountain, Michael was at the age where he shouldn't even be thinking of the fountain at all. Yet, surprise would not be the emotion I would use to describe my feelings at that moment, it was more curiosity since I knew instinctively that it was probably Michael's idea in the first place. He was probably the first into water.

"Mike!" as soon as I say his name his facial expressions drops into and angry scowl.

"Shut it Margo!" he attempts to whisper angrily however, he can't get the proper venom into the statement without the full use of his vocal chords, "Now stop gaping in this direction and pretend to look at the trees."

"Really Michael?" my sarcasm is biting, "Trees?"

"Yes trees!" I roll my eyes but comply with his ridiculous demand and turn to face the large poplar tree on my left.

"Good," he continues in the whisper voice, "Now, I need you to go too the blue bike and grab me the pants that are on the seat."

I turn back around and Mike makes an angry coughing sound at the back of his throat, "I can't very well search for these pants without knowing were they are first!"

He rolls his eyes at me but stops protesting so I take this as permission and step towards where a blue bike is leaning haphazardly against the fountain basin. Unfortunately, before I can take another he starts speaking again.

"Not so obvious, you can't draw attention to yourself." His tone is so annoying I snap.

"Aren't you a little old to be playing in fountains Mike?" I say it in as demeaning a drawl as I can manage and yet…

"Oh don't think I didn't see you eyeing it like a fat kid on a diet eyes chocolate cake," I thought teenage boys were supposed to be oblivious, "You're just jealous that I had the guts to do it and you don't."

"You know, for someone who is asking for a favor you might want to consider being nicer cause I am more than capable of walking away right now, leaving you stuck in whatever embarrassing situation you've gotten yourself into this time." I hadn't even noticed my hands had moved to my hips as I took on my annoyed stance.

"Shhhhhhh! Margo you're looking directly at me again! You're going to get me caught." And just as he finishes one of the boys in the fountain notices me standing talking at the fountain.

"Margo, who are you talking too?" Mike's eyes widen in fear as Liam Bairn, starts to make his way to Mike's side of the fountain. As Mike frantically shakes his head back and forth I try my best not to burst into laughter and instead, taking pity on the guy decide to keep Liam's attention on me, at the very least this situation can make for great blackmail in the future. Whatever situation it is that Mike has gotten himself into has got to be pretty bad to not even want his best friend to know about it.

"I was practicing my lines for the Christmas play" I felt like I should just smack my head against the fountain edge and save us all from my stupidity, Christmas play? Really Margo!

"Christmas play? It's the middle of summer." Apparently Mike thinks my horrible attempt at lying is hilarious because I can see him smothering his laughter behind Liam's back. Unfortunately he is not completely successful and he lets out a loud snort. Liam seems confused and begins to turn around to investigate the noise.

"I REALLY WANT TO BE MARY!" I blurt out the first thing that comes to mind and surprisingly it works, Liam's head turns back in my direction with a confused look on his face.

"I mean," I say in a calmer voice, "I really want to be Mary in the Christmas play this year so I've been practicing my lines ahead of time." He continues to give me his classic Margo is crazy look but after a few minutes of me staring at him without blinking he simply shakes his head as if to erase the whole encounter from his mind.

"So are you going to come cool off too?" He's trying to be convincing and I might have said yes to the pleading look on his face if I couldn't see Mike's glower over Liam's left shoulder and I figure I had better get rid of Liam soon before our luck runs out.

"You know Liam, I'm feeling a little to old to be playing in fountains. I'll just sit on the edge here in the shade. Pay me no mind I'll just be practicing my lines."

"If you're sure Margo." He face morphs back into the 'Margo is strange' look but he finally turns away when one of the other kids splashes him.

Just as I'm about to let out a deep sigh of relief he turns back and asks, "you haven't seen Mike around have you?"

I choke back a laugh and try to keep my face serious as I reply, "Nope, sorry been focusing on my lines."

"Oh, ok then," and with that finally retreats back to the sunny side of the fountain.

Just like that I am all but forgotten. So I focus on the problem that is Mike. Surprisingly he did not move a muscle through the whole exchange except for his frantic head shaking.

"So Mike, what do I get for saving your hinny?" The stony expression returns as he realizes that I intend to use this instance for blackmail.

"Saving my hinny? You almost got me caught, if you would have just listened to me to begin with you wouldn't have almost ruined things with your stupid excuse." This time his anger was palpable despite the whispering tones.

"Excuse me? I'm not the one who got you into this mess now am I?" I can feel my anger rising, "I am simply an innocent bystander who got dragged into your chaos because I happened to be walking by at a moment where you decided to do something stupid. What could you have possibly done that was so stupid you don't want Liam to know anyways?"

Finally a change in expression, one that was completely unexpected. I couldn't be sure since he was skulking in the shadows but I'm pretty sure he was blushing.

"None of your business! Now can you please just hand me my pants." he was definitely embarrassed.

"Don't get snappy with me Michael Donovan, you don't get those jeans until you tell me why you need them in the first place. If you don't tell me I might just call Liam and everyone else over here and find out anyways." Ah yes, anger was once again his dominant emotion.


"Shhhh," I quickly cut off his shout, "you don't want to be drawing attention to yourself now do you Mikey."

"I am going to get you back for this so bad Margo." Was Mike's response and despite his teeth being gritted his he had begun whispering again.

"I don't think you are in a situation to be making threats Mike, old boy, so I gave you my demands and you have 30 seconds to meet them or I resort to other measures, I suggest you take the simple and more painless route of tell me yourself. Then again, I do love seeing you embarrassed so I'm not adverse to whichever choice you make."

As I finish my speech I turn my attention from the stunned expression on his face to the second hand of my watch. That's right I thought, I may be known as the quiet girl, but I knew how to get what I wanted and right now I wanted embarrassing, blackmail worthy information.

He remained silent so as extra incentive I called out, "Fifteen more seconds."

"Ten." Still no response though he did look like he was beginning to panic.

"Five seconds, four, three, two, one," I grinned evilly, "Okay Mikey-poo, you've forced my hand, I hate to do this to a boy with such a promising social future ahead of him but…Hey Liam!"

The look on Mike's face could only be described as absolute terror as he realized that my threats were anything but idle.

My grin turned into a full blown maniacal smile as Liam turned and shouted, "Yeah?"

This was the final straw for Mike as the splashes of Liam's feet continued to get closer and closer.

"Ok, fine Margo I'll tell you, just send him away again." I still didn't say anything in order to make him sweat and Liam continued to get closer and closer with every second, "Please Margo, I'll give you one free pass, a time where, I'll help and not ask any questions or make fun of you."

"You promise?" I ask noting his desperation.

"Yes, I promise." And I believed him

"You know what Liam, I don't remember what I was going to say anymore so you can go back to splashing now." I said in a dismissive tone earning me yet another strange look.

Once Liam was sufficiently distracted again I prompted Mike, "I'm waiting."

"I was splashing around like everyone else when my underwear snagged on something and they have a huge hole ripped in them."

I could feel the calm look on my face begin to crack as I began to laugh but wanted a more in-depth description before I let the humor overcome my ability to talk so I held it back.

"So why didn't you just get out of the fountain?" at this he gripped his legs tighter to his chest, "I mean it's just a hole."

"No, I mean they ripped a h-o-l-e in my underwear." At this he held up his right hand the elastic band for his tighty-whities to which there was only a small strip of dark blue material attached and nothing else. Turns out Mike wasn't wearing skivvies like I originally thought.

Realizing the truth of the situation I could no longer hold back my laughter and in my mirth I almost fell sideways into the water myself. He was completely naked in the fountain. In a public place where anyone could walk by and discover him at any moment and he was completely at my mercy. It was too hilarious to fully comprehend. As my laughter continued Mike's embarrassment grew and I could only imagine just how uncomfortable he really is with his bare butt pressed against the cold, rough stone surface of the centerpiece.

When it seemed like my hysterics would never end and it became clear to Mike that I was starting to draw attention to myself again he began to shush me. Of course, this just made me laugh harder. But I knew if I was to get the free pass he promised I would have to get him out of the fountain without anyone being the wiser so I began to think of abused puppies and my laughter faded rather quickly.

"It's not that funny you know." By his gruff tone I could tell he was getting really grouchy.

"You know it is, don't even try to downplay it. If it weren't that funny you wouldn't still be hiding. You wouldn't have given in to my demands and that is why my laughter is completely warranted." He lowered his gaze as he realized I was correct, "Here is the dealio, I'm going to throw you your pants. You will catch them and prepare yourself to put them on. Meanwhile, I'm going to cause a distraction, and while everyone's eyes are glued to me you put on your pants and get on your bike. Thankfully no one can see it so they don't even know you're still here. Once you are on your bike you pedal like your life depends on it till you are so far into the park all you see is trees and squirrels. Only then can you put on the rest of your clothes and if you feel like it come back, in which case you provide an entirely believable reason why you disappeared. Got it?"

"What kind of distraction are you talking about?" to be honest I really had no idea but as I continued to look at the fountain, an idea began to form. I'm sure the good ol' Bard would be willing to help me out

"Don't worry about it, you worry about getting your butt out of here in time." From the expression on his face I could tell he was still worrying but I choose to ignore his lack of faith.

Now, if I have learned anything in life, it was that Shakespeare always caused a distraction. If I did this right, if I acted dramatic enough and said the lines right I should be able to have every single person within earshot looking at me. Even if it's only because Shakespeare is extremely confusing to those in my age group what with his use of old English. Actually, this was true of most adults as well. Thankfully I had been gifted with an intelligence level above normal and understood the old English wording with relative ease.

"Margo," Mike said in a condescendingly, "You're known as the quiet girl, and there is a reason for that. How can you possibly create a distraction large enough so that I can get away?"

"Look do you want to get out of that fountain with your social reputation intact or what?" I asked completely peeved, I waited until he nodded his head in affirmation before continuing, "Then I'm the only chance you have. Unless you want to involve more people you have to trust me. Besides I know how to cause a scene, I've seen you do it more times than I can count."

I reached for the pants that were sitting on his bicycle seat and rolled them into a ball for easy throwing.

"Now catch!" I chucked them right at is head in the hopes that they would be impossible for him to drop and was rewarded as they hit him square in the face and he easily grabbed them before they could do anything else.

Seeing them in his grasp I looked him in the eye one last time before turning around and walking to the other side of the fountain to perform. Once there I realized how hard it would actually be to get everyone's attention.

Mike was right of course, there was a reason I was called the quiet girl. Large crowds of people intimidate me and despite all the intellect I possess. I had simply never grasped the ability of talking in front of people. But this was a special occasion since I have blackmail to procure.

At first I tried clearing my throat like my Grandpa does when he wants everyone's attention at the dinner table. Unfortunately that didn't work. Then I tried saying excuse me in the same tone as my mom used. The same tone that caused everyone to fall into silence. But that didn't work either. Finally I decided I had to do this in a Margo manner and curled my thumb and pointer finger into an almost closed circle and brought them to my lips and exhaled deeply eliciting a sharp, high pitched whistle that definitely caught everyone's attention

I felt my eyes widen as they all turned to me. Not only had I gotten the attention of those in the fountain but also everyone in the park that was within hearing distance. As a result I felt sweat drip down my neck that was not just a result of the heat. Despite this I steeled my resolve, screwed my eyes shut and began with Shakespeare's famous balcony scene.

"O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I'll no longer be a Capulet." My voice wavered a bit in the first sentence but as I continued it grew stronger.

Then I deepened my voice and began Romeo's responding line, just one of many aside's to the audience, "Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?"

As Shakespeare's lines came to my mind all on their own and I continued through the rest of the scene my confidence grew and I really got into it. For Juliette I would jump onto the edge of the fountain and recite my favorite lines of the play with my own clear and feminine voice and for Romeo I would deepen it and add as many manly inflections as my girly teenage voice could manage.

All the while I could see the kids in the fountain staring at me with their mouths agape and deep confusion in their eyes. Most because they were too dimwitted to understand what I was saying but also because very few of them had ever heard me speak aloud before. Even more promising were the adults who had been meandering through the park whose attention I had unintentionally caught. They too were riveted by my performance and this gave me an unknown confidence I had never felt before. However, the greatest moment of all is when I looked up and saw Mike quietly sneaking out of the fountain with his private parts safely covered by his pants.

As he got on his bike and began to peddle away I saw his head turn back over his shoulder and our eyes met across the park. I nodded slightly and he returned the nod and I knew he'd keep his promise. I ended my performance with the line that I found most fitting for Mike and I's situation. I climbed on the fountain edge for the last time, and saying in my clearest most heartfelt voice.

"I would not for the world they saw thee here."

But Mike was long gone into the trees and I had made enough of a spectacle of myself to last me a good long while. So as my voice wavered I turned my attention back to my audience and found the air to be filled with clapping and cheering and it was then, in that moment I discovered my passion for acting.

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~7 years later ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

I stood in the same park as my youth and looked at the fountain that had started my whole career and felt a slight smile curve my lips. However, as I turned away from the fountain to the asshole before me the smile dropped and was replaced by a scowl that was accompanied by emotions of a venomous nature.

"Jeremy you prick, I brought you home to meet my mother and that's how you treat her!" I used all of my acting classes in order to channel the fury I was feeling deep inside, "You know she is the most important person in my life and you treated her like shit. You insulted my only family, the house in which I grew up and essentially everything I hold in high esteem!"

"Oh come on baby, you're taking this way to seriously, it was just a couple of jokes." his endearment, while intended as a means to calm me down just incited more fury.

"The only joke was dating you for as long as I did. I knew there was something wrong with you. The moment I had second thoughts of even introducing you to my mother should have told me all I needed to know about what a jackass you really were. The second I hesitated I should have sent you packing but no I bring home the biggest ignoramus in the world. Congratulations Margo, you are an idiot!" I'm ranting now and he merely rolls his eyes at me.

"Don't you dare roll your eyes at me, you called my mom and I quote ' a glorified maid' and insinuated that I should be embarrassed by her. As if I could be embarrassed of the woman who gave up everything for me to even have a chance to be successful. Who worked countless extra hours so I could have the acting lessons I had begged for month after month," I was just warming up I could go all night, "What did your parents give up for you? One sixteenth of their pay cheque? What did you ever have to sacrifice in your perfect mansion filled life? Nothing, am I right? Am I right?"

"Baby, I don't deserve this." He maintained the annoying Casanova tone that I had been so enthralled with a mere half hour before, now I just found it demeaning.

"Don't 'Baby' me you Neanderthal! I'm through with you, we are over, broken up, done with. You better not talk to me again or I will make you wish we had never set eyes on one another…" I was cut off by his angry voice

"I don't have to listen this you stupid cow." he spat at me as he turned to leave.

"Don't walk away from me you ass wipe" I place my hands on his chest and shove forcefully.

"Then stop being a pretentious little bitch." He said and punctuated it with a shove of his own.

Unfortunately, his shove was more effective. The fountain, which I had been admiring mere moments before with a sense of nostalgia instantly became the bane of my existence. The shove sent me a step backward causing the fountain edge to hit the back of my knees and shifting my balance so that, eyes wide and arms flailing I fell into the fountain with a large splash. Preceding the splash however, was a sound of delicate flowing material ripping.

Due to the chill in the autumn air the water was freezing and I gasped. First from the cold and second in indignation as I noted that my delicate white dress had got caught in a crack in the stone and been torn from my body. I sat in the freezing water in merely a bra and my panties. Adding insult to injury my white dress was now an unattractive green colouring.

Thinking of unattractive, I remembered the slimy bastard who had landed me in this mess to begin with. Instead of him being there to help me out of the god forsaken fountain I could just make out his shadow half way across the park.

"Come back here you Asshat and help me get home!" but the silhouette did not even pause.

Now what, I could hardly walk home in my soaking wet underwear, what would the neighbors say or better yet, what if the paparazzi got a hold of me. Those would be some awful pictures to try to explain. Just then I was given the startle of my life.

"It seems that the lady has been put in an unseemly situation." A masculine voice stated from the shadows. Despite the darkness his amusement was tangible.

"Please sir, do not come any closer, I know self defense and better yet have lungs powerful enough to wake the whole neighborhood." I stated as my pulse began to quicken despite the cold of the water

"What if I merely intend in fulfilling a promise made a long time ago?" a promise, what is this loon talking about.

"Please sir, without calling attention to yourself could you just leave, I don't know what promise you're trying to fulfill but this is a rather embarrassing situation I've gotten myself into and I would like to avoid calling attention to myself." And darn if my voice wasn't filled with so much desperation that it was noticeable despite my chattering teeth.

"You see my lady, a young boy was once in that same fountain as you without any clothing at all and a young girl helped remove said boy from the fountain without ever being noticed. Of course this girl was determined to get something out of it for herself and made the boy make a promise." Instead of calming me this explanation caused my embarrassment to grow and my pulse to skyrocket.

"Mike?" my voice went high and squeaky

"Hello Margo," the man walked forward though his face was still in the shadows, "I see that it is finally time for you to call in that free pass I promised, however I must say I never quite thought it would be this difficult not to laugh."

"Look Mike, enough poking fun! Don't make me come over there and slap that smirk right off your face," he just chuckled in response.

"Now, now Margo," He said finally stepping completely from the shadows, "I don't think you are in any position to be making demands"

"Mike just turn around and hand me your coat and then we can both go home and never talk about this ever again." His response was a smile.

"What will I get in return?" this situation was getting to be all too familiar and being on the receiving end it was not nearly as much fun as being the one in control.

"You don't have any leverage Michael now help me get out of here?" he didn't move to help me.

"How about that fairly decent sized mob of paparazzi making their way down the street?" my eyes widened so that they must have looked like saucers, "does that give me leverage?"

"Oh God Michael! You can't let them see me! It will cause me weeks worth of headaches please duck down and stay quiet!" I asked in hurried whispered tones.

"In return for my help you have to do one thing I ask you to do no matter what it is." If I could see him clearly surely the paparazzi could, they'd be here asking questions in no time.

"Yes, I'll do anything you ask just for the love of god duck down and shut up!" and just like that he did.

Now that everything was quiet I could hear them talking in the distance. I held my breath in fear. I was scared the chattering of my teeth would give me away for sure but eventually I could hear them moving away in another direction and finally all was silent. A few moments later Mike's head popped up over the edge of the fountain. Now that he was so close I could see his facial expressions clearly and had the opportunity to see his eyes make their way brazenly over my shivering underwear clad form.

The smirk returned to his face though his eyes held a look of mirth and something else I didn't recognize, "You have it easy, all your underclothes remain unscathed."

"Just shut up and give me your shirt and belt." I demanded.

"I seem to remember you simply asking for my jacket when we were bargaining the belt and shirt were not discussed at all."

"Michael just give them to me!" my anger began to rise even though I could feel my body temperature continue to fall.

"Only if you agree to answer a question as well." I stared at him my mouth agape at his audacity.

"Michael!" it came out with considerably less force than intended due to my chattering teeth.

"So formal!" nothing seemed to be able to ruin his good mood at this moment, "What happened to Mike?"

I rolled my eyes, "Informal names are reserved for people I like."

"Then I assume bad names, like say, asshat, are reserved for people you hate?" the curiosity in his tone could not be missed.

"So you did hear that then." I lowered my gaze from his.

"Where did you ever find a man with such charming attributes." a hint of anger escaped into his voice.

"If you thought he was bad you should have seen the others," my eyes rolled back into my head once again, "Now please Michael, I'm freezing. I need to get out and dry or this god forsaken fountain will give me pneumonia."

"Agree to answer a question of mine and I'll help you out and give you my shirt and belt," His eyes were telling me he was telling the truth so I nodded, "Alright, now that that's settled."

My jaw dropped as he began to strip in front of me. First his jacket dropped from his shoulders then he began unbuttoning his pressed dress shirt then finally he pulled his undershirt over his head. Then naked from the waist up he offered me his had. When I grabbed it he turned his eyes away and hauled me out of the frigid waters.

If I thought it was cold in the water, the slight breeze made being out of the water much worse. Then with his head still turned Mike thrust his undershirt into my face.

"Use that to dry off with." If I had been warmer I would have refused, as it was I shamelessly used his white undershirt to rid my body of the green tinged fountain water.

"Shirt please." I asked once I was as dry as I could possibly get.

He handed me the shirt and I buttoned it over top of my underwear and while I was decidedly warmer I knew the soaked underclothes would have to go. First I undid my bra and let it drop to the stones at my feet. Next I went about the task of wiggling out of the bottoms, a difficult task on even the best of days. After some difficulty I managed to free myself from the wet clothing and they joined my bra.

"Are you decent yet?" Mike asked someone impatiently

"Just one moment." Turning I chucked the bra and panties into the forest and then turned back to Mike, "belt please."

Without asking any questions of why he simply undid his belt and handed it to me. Resting over the shirt I did up the belt slightly below my bust line making his dress shirt, which reached almost too my knees, look almost like a planned outfit. Now if my hair wasn't soaking and if my make-up wasn't running I'm sure I would have looked half descent, as it was it I didn't need to be a genius to know I looked barely presentable. Sighing I wringed the water from my hair and grabbing the pen that Mike had left in his breast pocket twisted my long hair around and around it before twisting the pen up and stabbing it through the makeshift bun. Thus, my dipping hair was effectively kept from dripping down my back and wetting the shirt.

At Mike's sharp intake of breath I turned to face him, "Now don't you start laughing at me, a promise is a promise, and you promised no laughter!"

"Wow Margo, you clean up good." the appreciative once over he gave me almost had me convinced.

"Shut up Mike, now I'm going home. Thank you for the clothes, it was very kind of you to give them to me." I turn to start walking away hoping he will forget to collect.

"Not so fast Margo, You owe me and I intend to collect immediately." I sighed deeply and turned to face him again

"Ask away Mike, " I hope he didn't ask anything embarrassing.

"I want is phone number." I knew the shock was evident on my face

I took a deep breath and relayed, "642-388-2718, if you can remember that great but I'm not repeating it to you again."

"Got it," and I'm not sure how, he didn't write it down or anything, "Now I want to ask you to go to dinner with me tomorrow night and remember you said you would do anything so you can't refuse."

If I was shocked before now I was down right flabbergasted. First he wanted my number and now dinner. I felt slightly uncomfortable. After the first fountain incidence he never talked to me again, in fact he barely acknowledged my existence and at the time it seemed normal. We were teenagers after all and he was very popular in school while I was always a nerd. But now, seven years later, he was showing an interest in me. Highly suspicious seeing as now I was a fairly popular movie star and he just saw me practically naked.

"I can't refuse, so my answer has to be yes, but if you are doing this to get in my pants I will let you know I wasn't lying about knowing self-defense. In no way does sleeping together after the date tomorrow factor into the situation." My eyes burned fiercely as I tried to get across my point.

"Trust me Margo, I would never do that." And just like he trusted me all those years ago I found that I trusted him as well.

"Well then, despite being dry now, I'm still fairly cold so I'm going to head home." I stated trying to maintain some dignity.

"Let me walk you." I was going to refuse but her wrapped a warm arm around my shoulders and the heat felt so good I just nodded.

Together we walked toward my child hood home in silence. Surprisingly it was not an awkward silence but a companionable one. All too soon we were at the door to my house and I found that despite the night's fallbacks seeing Mike again made it not so bad.

I turned to thank him again but before I could he said, "You know you look really good in my clothes."

"Mike," I said embarrassed a blush staining my cheeks.

"I never did properly thank you for saving my ass that day." And I knew that he was grateful from the tones of his voice.

"And I never did thank you for getting me started on my acting career." I admitted.

"Seems we're both in need of some proper thanking." And now he was leaning in, and surprisingly I was too.

His hand cupped the back of my head sending goose bumps down my back due to his extreme heat in contrast to my body's chilled state. And when his lips touched mine they were so warm I gasped and we both sunk into the sensation, me savoring his lips softness and their burning heat, which automatically seemed to transfer to mine the moment that they touched. He pushed me back into the door and in response I pressed into his body responding to the increase in warmth and it was his turn to gasp. He broke our kiss and my eyes fluttered open only to note the look of amusement on his face.

"Where is your bra?" he asked laughter evident in every word and I could feel his chest begin to shake as he chuckled deeply.

I looked down at my feet and quickly mumbled, "In a bush somewhere in the park, it was soaked through."

"So then your um…. bottoms?" he asked trying to phrase the question in a polite manner.

"In that same bush or somewhere close to it no doubt." He buried his face in my neck and began to laugh outright for the first time tonight.

"Hey! You promised no laughter remember!" but I could already feel my own mirth bubbling up and began to laugh right along with him.

"We make quite the pair don't we?" and I could only nod my head in agreement.

"You know you never talked to me after that day." I felt his chest slowly stop shaking.

"I was so embarrassed that I could barely bring myself to meet your eyes in the hallway never mind every speak to you again. Especially after what you did for me," He looked into my eyes, "By the time that I finally got over the embarrassment and found the courage to approach you, you were a beautiful, strong, independent woman and I was determined you had already forgotten the poor, ungrateful boy stuck in the fountain. But I always felt I missed out on something integral by not talking to you properly after that day. You know it's because of you I became an English professor; you got me interested in Shakespeare. I wanted to know what it was you were acting out and I fell in love with it. It was definitely reassuring to hear that you would have done anything to keep them from seeing me in that fountain."

Hearing him call me beautiful, strong and independent helped to wash away some of the feelings of doubt that the situation had instilled. This, coupled with the fact that he just stated he understood the meaning behind that last line caused my cheeks to heat with embarrassment and my emotions began running haywire, so much so that I kissed him. Even though I was considerably more warm this time the kiss was no less explosive. While his one hand continued to cradle the back of my head the other went to my waist and pulled me closer to him.

Despite the intensity of the kiss I was distinctly aware of the sound of material rushing to the ground. I ignored this and continued to kiss Mike without pause until I heard the sound of camera shutters.

It was my turn to break the kiss. When I pulled away it was impossible to not see the blush staining Mike's cheeks. I tried to look down at our feet to discover what had made the whooshing noise but Mike quickly put a finger beneath my chin preventing me from looking.

"You know those weeks worth of headaches you were trying to avoid?" I nodded my head, "I don't think that's going to happen anymore."

Finally Mike let me look down and I saw exactly what the problem was. Since I had stolen Mike's belt his right hand was the only thing holding up his pants. Thus, with both hands planted firmly on me his pants had succumbed to gravity and settled neatly around his ankles. Providing the paparazzi that had finally discovered us making out in the doorway and inadvertently, the opportune moment of embarrassment to catch on film.

Needless to say, the tabloids the next day were plastered with pictures of me pressed up against my mom's front door making out quite passionately with a handsome young man in boxers that were plastered with yellow rubber ducks and for months following the incidence I would see women walking down the street in a men's collared shirt and a fancy belt hair twisted into a fancy bun with a pencil. After the third woman, Mike and I decided to keep a tally.