Now, here I am
In the last chapter
Of this 3-part story

I just want you to know
That I only noticed something
Some sudden changes

I just wanted to know
If there's some truth
On what I am seeing
Or am I just delusional

I am just worried, that
You might have this feeling
This feeling you can't accept
And never acknowledge

I am just worried, that
You are unaware
Of what you're doing, and
Of its impact

Well, maybe
You're wondering, how
What are those moments
Those unique moments
Which brought some kind of spark

It was when
I saw
Your eyes, smiled

It was when, you
Said I can ask you
For a favor, anytime

It was when, you
Went to watch movie, with me
Which I wanted to watch badly,
You even took a picture, of us
You even let me, treat you
For the first time

It was when, you
Told our friends
I was sweet
To give you a bracelet, a fruit
On a valentine's day

It was
During all those moments
When I looked at it
In a different angle

Lastly, you told me
You're starting to get shy
Because I spoil you, too much

It became my green light
To bring it up, I did

What I did not consider
Your actions can be seen
In a different light

What if
Your eyes smiled, because
Something so great
Happened that day

What if
You said I can ask a favor, anytime
So you can do the same, for me
You were being kind

What if
You went with me to a movie
So I would stop ranting
You took a picture, just because
You can't help not capturing, the moment
You let me treat you
Just to let me, for once
Cause I keep offering a treat

What if
You said I'm sweet, cause I am
Not towards you, but
Me as a friend, as a person

What if
During all those moments
Everything, for you
Is so ordinary, nothing special

What if
You're getting shy, feeling awkward
Because it's the other way around

That you think, I
I am the one who suddenly changed
That you're worried, for me
As a friend

What if
What you said
Is your way
To bring it up

So, if ever
You have, something
Something to say
Please, just please
Don't play it safe

I would rather
Be destroyed, and
Be built up again

I'm not saying
I won't fall, or, I can't
But I'm telling you, that
I might