Hello, Internet.

As you may have deviated from my screen name, my name is Kanga. I'm a six month old gray female cat. I enjoy reading long novels, writing haiku, creating impressionist paintings, and the rush of hunting mice and feeling their warm blood run through my teeth.

I live in a cozy house in the city with my two human housemates, Jon and Alexandra. They're decent humans; they give me food and I give them the pleasure of my company. However, they do get on my nerves sometimes. Although I'm letting them live in my domain, they insist on keeping me off the big comfortable bed within their sleeping quarters; I don't like that very much.

Besides Jon and Alexandra, I live with two other female catmates: Zoey and Lexi. I get along with them well enough. Except for that one time when Zoey brought home catnip from a local street cat and slipped it in my food. Although I did enjoy the euphoric experience, she had the nerve to take embarrassing pictures of me and post them on Facebook. She was coughing up more than hairballs the next day, that's for sure.

But that's an entirely different story for another day.