Absolutely charming, was she who sang that day;

Active in her practice, she spun about the stage;

Appealing in her looks, she lifts a hand again;

Alert in her gaze, she holds them captivated;

Awarded with merit, such is to be appreciated;

Admirable in her approach, her voice surrounds the listeners;

Approval to be gained, she raises a second hand and sings again;

Absorbing the Italian, a somewhat aloof audience praises the words;

Abditive a boy stands listening at the back of the stage;

Abject was he that stood in secret, mouth hung open as he listened;

Adorning her head, the golden circlet sat, a pretty penny to be sure it cost;

Awaiting the ending, the crowed soon cheering, the boy found himself lost;

Accipitral he waited in her quarters, a bath was drawn behind a cloth curtain;

Accolent the bath, sat a dresser tall and still, upon which would rest the impending prize;

Adamentine was the woman's choice on taking a bath, soon shedding her garments;

Alastrim caused the boy to cough, a towel wrapped around her obtuse frame, the woman steps out;

Aware of his plight, the boy fled the scene, chased by an angry opera singer who was rather without;

Any man, or woman, or child in sight pointed and laughed at the ensuing fight;

Alegar couldn't have made her expression sourer the moment she realised clothing she had not;

Aghast she glanced to the boy's pockmarked skin, shriek that'd do the banshees proud resounded;

An alogism flew from her mouth, confused the boy turned as she leaped away and fled up the alley;

Amnicolist was he, and hard to find at that, the ships were many the ratways were hidden!

Accidental was his mistake, his theft a failure, the coppers hot on his heels till the river they reach;

"Ambsace!" Said he who lost the boy, now hidden among the ratways and tunnels under the city large;

Anaerectic was the woman's rage, tables flipped and papers strewn, a shout of rage;

Analgia she seemed to have, slamming fists onto walls and doors, a stage hand now lay unconscious;

Aponia turned this singer to a flamer as she swung left and right, men now cowering in fear;

An attempt to arefy the anger the manager produced a box of chocolates, placated she drew near;

Arrepituous was she holding the chocolates closely, ignoring her anaerectic rage a sigh was breathed;

Athymia set in for those she had decked, holding noses and cheeks, ice pressed to eyes so bruised;

Adamentine was not her anger, for it soon had parted and so had she leaving ruin in her wake;

Aulic was she now as she swept from the room in nothing but a towel but not one word was spoke;

And so it was upon the eve of the morning, opera house renewed, that she did awake and did croak;

As her voice was so hoarse from the yelling and the ranting, asleep was she in the hay of a barn;

A towel for a blanket, a bale for her pillow, filthy and cold she let out a wail for even a string of yarn;

Azure was the morning sky, and beautiful was the morning, but crying and whining she dare not enjoy it;

Abditive: The ability to hide and/or not seen easily

Accipitral: Like a bird of prey

Accolent: Neighbouring

Adamentine: Unbreaking

Alastrim: A mild case of the smallpox

Alegar: A type of vinegar made by turning ale sour

Alogism: illogical statement

Ambsace: Bad luck

Anaerectic: Destructive

Analgia: Inability to feel pain

Aponia: Painlessness

Arefy: To dry up

Arrepituous: Ecstatic

Athymia: Melancholy

Aulic: Genteel