The Ballard of Lucy and Luke

I met a girl called Lucy

She seemed perfect at the time

But then I fell for her deeply

The love I felt was sublime

Luke met a girl called Lucy

I didn't like her at all

I thought she was corruptive and evil

And she had him in her thrall

In my eyes, she was beautiful

I lit up when she walked through my door

It was her two faces she hid from me

So she was the one, I was sure

I saw her for what she was

A dark, manipulative witch

Seeming so simple and sweet

Hiding her inner bitch

She had me where she wanted,

I was gullible and naive

People told me she was trouble

I never listened, and let her deceive

I told him she was trouble

She wasn't as sweet as she seemed

He saw her as what he wanted

As the girl of which he dreamed

Then someone else came strolling in

Stirring up trouble and lies

Lucy believed every word she said

And tore up our friendship in front of my eyes

There is a new kid on the scene

Intent on causing trouble

I watched from afar as the life of Luke

Slowly collapsed into rubble

Reminiscing what we did,

Looking back on things in common,

Makes me miss you all the more,

But you were only ever going to be a problem

I felt so small and helpless

As I watched him fall apart

And I began to glue the pieces

With tears in my heart…