Patient 86


Undisclosed Location in the Amazon Rainforest

He runs through the forest, dead and misshapen leaves crinkling with every step. The muzzle silences his words, but he knows that his footsteps are enough to lead them to him. The initials P-5 are etched in white over his orange jumpsuit, resting directly on his heart. His hair is crew-cut, the color of black and a hint of magenta. Despite his mouth hidden, his expression is obvious. He is scared.

As he runs past a tree, we see his pursuers. They are simply walking, but they always seem to be the same distance away. Hair the color of snow white, the two men were clad in suits of black, sunglasses shielding their eyes from the scarce sunlight and prying eyes. Clad in gloves of metal, their hands were long and sleek; signs of a dangerous man. At their torso were two matching guns; futuristic and no doubt dangerous. Their shoes were polished and jet-black, just like their souls. If they had one. They were nearly exactly alike; one had a scar on the bridge of his nose.

They eventually chased Patient 5 into a crack in the canyon, stuck between the two ridges. Turning back, his crazed eyes showed nothing but pure fear. "Return to your case and you will not be terminated." The two men said in unison, their voice humane yet robotic. Patient 5 then tore off the mask as the two men raised their guns. "You can't touch me! He won't allow it!" His voice was dry and raspy.

The two men stared him down as Patient 5 stuffed his hands into his pockets. "Code of SNPO, Law 34, Clause V-5 states that all SNPO patients are beyond humane jurisdiction. Result: Immediate termination." They calmly said. Patient 5 became even more hysterical. "Don't you get it you damn androids? We're going to win! Even if we are under your power now, we will find a way!"

The androids stayed still and started counting down. "5. 4. 3." Patient 5 gave a crazed smirk. "Once I kill you two, I'm going to bring back that bloody Patient 172 that you all had-" He was cut short by the two blasts that got him in the head and heart.

"2. 1. Patient 5: Benjamin the Breaker; terminated."