Chapter Two

"I'll just use his personal mobile tracker phone to enable access into the remaining data in his drive.

After that I will transfer the information into this identification card." Jared says to his self.

He inserts the thumb drive into his phone. The device begins to scan and analyze the remaining information within Cesper's drive, and Jared starts reading into it.

"What in the hell is all of this, about?" Jared says to his self.

Jared looks into more of his data, and finds a number of graphs, charts, and word documents based on some bizarre chemicals.

"This guy definitely has a lot of weird stuff in this drive."

"The word names for these chemicals are way too long and complex for me to pronounce right. Damn, I shouldn't have ended Cesper's life so quickly. I could've made him tell me some more things about this chemical stuff." Jared says to himself.

As soon as, Jared finished his sentence his mobile phone started to ring. Jared is annoyed by this and decides to say something else to himself.

"Shit, somebody is already calling me while I'm busy with this." Jared says in an irritating manner.

"And I'm pretty sure I know who it is that's trying to contact me. So it's time for me to act casual and answer the phone like normal."

Jared raises the phone towards his ear and answers the incoming call.

"Hello who is this that's calling me?" Jared said

"Who the fuck do you think is calling you Jeeread?"

"Oh so it's just the crime boss that always mispronounce my name incorrectly. What is that you want to talk about Taratovsky?" Jared said to the man.

"You betta stop talking stupid shit and just update me about my Cesper situation smartass." Taratovsky said to Jared.

"Now tell me if that fucking runt had the debt money he owed me?"

"That guy had only about half of the amount that was due. So, I tossed him over the bridge and got rid of him just for you." Jared replied back to Taratovsky.

"Alright then good that little punk always likes to run from me when it comes to payment. Did he even have the rest of his money stored on an info drive or something like that Jaaread?" Taratovsky asked Jared.

"Yep, sure did he had it located inside the glove box of his car."

"If that's the case then bring yourself as well as the drive over to my storehouse. That is where I'm currently located at." Taratovsky instructed to Jared.

"Hold on a minute, where is the exact location of this storehouse. I haven't been there before." Jared says to Taratovsky.

"Just use the mobile phone we provided you Jared. It has a G.P.S. built in system that is set on our location. So it shouldn't take you too long to get here. I expect your ass to be here in next hour Jared don't delay. If you're even a second late after that your sister is dead." Taratovsky hangs up

"Err! I can't stand this bastard. What I would give to kill that cowardly son of a bitch. Now I have to figure out a way on how I can get to that area quickly. And there aren't any other legit vehicles around this vacant area. Dammit, I'm just going to have to use Cesper's junk heap of a vehicle." Jared replies within his thoughts.

Jared walks to the car and opens the side door. He uses his left hand to check and look for something that's inside the cushions of the front seats of the car.

"Ah I'm in luck that idiot kept an extra set of keys in his vehicle."

Jared inserts Cesper's key in the ignition and starts the vehicle. He closes the door and quickly drives off from the bridge area.