The Pocket Dragon


The man works in the stables. The heat from the fire is overwhelmingly hot. He pumps more air from the bellows. He must make one more figurine the size that would fit into any pocket. The last one. This man has been many things, a beggar, a peddler, shopkeeper, and now he owns a unique little store in the early twentieth century. This man is of old age. Older than you or I would ever think. He has lived to see eleven grown men and women with amazing powers help or try to destroy the world and its many universes that we can't see. The mold for the figurine is ready. He takes out a ruby and plops it into the mold, along with a small amount of blood, this single drop of blood will connect the one who will hold this figurine to that person's soul dragon. He knows he must hurry for the ones who wish to destroy the world, have knowledge of where he is and will try to stop him because the one who holds the ruby dragon will tip the balance in the fight for the world. Everything is ready, but then there is a loud crash and the Dark Ones rush in. He knows that he must preserve the dragon figurine so he speaks one word


And the dragon disappears; it will find the one on its own. The Dark Ones rush in and overpower the elderly man. They ask him where the last dragon is. The man says nothing, he just takes the beating until the darkness surrounds him, and he draws his last breath.

1 year later

In a small and simple house on the sea a little girl is born. The mother holds her child in her arms. But not close to her bosom like a normal mother would, but an arm's length away. The child is a girl with hair has black as night and small rosy cheeks and porcelain skin. She has eyes as green as emeralds and to the right of her right eye she has some marks that form a circle. The mark is a dark red against her skin and it glows. The mother knows the mark has something to do with a long forgotten myth. A myth about dragons and their riders. She thinks the child is some freak of nature because they live so poorly and that the mark will bring a dragon or some other terrible evil into the village. Therefore she tells the doctor to take the child away and do whatever he wants to do with it. The doctor takes the babe and puts her in an orphanage. They ask the name of the child and the doctor thinks for a moment. He names her Krysia and the child opens her eyes and coos at him like she approves of the name. He smiles a small smile and turns around and walks away. No one ever comes to claim the child.

Chapter 1

15 years later