The Seeds of Fate

The girl I love lies in my arms

Her life force bleeding out

She closed her eyes with her last breath

And up to god I shout

Bring her back or take me with her

I cannot live alone

Bring her back or take me with her

The seeds of fate are sown

I cannot live without her

I need her by my side

So, you with all your power

Tell me why she died

Tell me why I sat here

With her dying, all alone

Tell me why, god, tell me why

It's these seeds that were sown

Say why it was her

Who had to bleed to death

Tell me why was it her

Who breathed out her last breath

Why couldn't it be me

Lying in her arms instead

God, why couldn't it be me

The one who lies there dead

Was it part of a bigger plan

These seeds that you have sown

Well, I'm sorry I have to end it now, god

Because I cannot live aloneā€¦