He stands there, smiling

In that thought provoking way

That makes me think about each hour

And each and every day

I think about 'normal'

And the way in which I'm seen

Because I'm a little different

And now at age nineteen

I think about their views

I wonder if they're right

Because they can't see him

And to me he's in plain sight

I think of how they judge me

And of everything they say

Because I act a little different

Because I act in my own way

I wonder if I'm crazy

Should I be put away?

Would I be safer without him?

Could I even last a day?

On him I have come to rely

And without him am I able

To be confident and strong

And even be stable?

But then I decide,

What does it matter, I think

If my mind is a little muddled

My sanity on the brink

What does it matter what they think?

Because I'm happy

I'm happy in the end

Standing here and dancing

With my imaginary friend…