The Flight of the Falling

As your life spirals down

You watch from the outside

Distant and detached

The crash was inevitable

And it was going to burn

So why fight?

Just sit back and watch

As the lungs give out

The heart begins to thud

And with each beat

The clock ticks down

But still you know

You remember

The life that you had

The way that you lived

Your son

Your wife

And the life that they will live

And as you continue to spiral

You understand

That this was going to happen

There was nothing you could do

You were always going to crash

You were always going to burn

And as your body spirals

And you fall further and further

Your mind goes flying

Through memories and experiences

Through emotions and friends

Through family

Through life

So when you hit

It doesn't register

Because although your body has fallen

Crashed and burned

You mind it still flying

Off in the heavens

Free and unchained

And finally you understand

It was always going to happen…