The Rise Of The Zombie Apocalypse 2

Table Of Content:
The City Ruins Of Zombie Hide Out!
Meeting The Parents Of Emily Rose Marie Dunkin!
Getting New Friends!

Prologue: Narrator

Once Upon A Time there is a boy named Bill The Grey Zombie and he came out of the ground to save the universe of the world, and all of a sudden he saw a girl that is the one that he feels she is his one true love of an angel. There are still an adventure to be done for the to love birds Bill PJ and Emily Dunkin to kill as much of the bad vampire blood sucker's and save all of the good zombies of the planet. So There you have it of the very part of the story.

Chapter 2: Part 3- The City Ruins Of Zombie Hide Out!

~One night Bill PJ couldn't sleep a wink at all because of his new true love Emily Dunkin, so he is thinking what next to do on the night of when he came above the ground. So he is thinking of going to ask her to marry him at 13 during the apocalypse!

"Yea I'm so glad we got this together", says Emily Dunkin.
"Same," says Bill PJ.
"What shall we do now, says Emily Dunkin.
"Um let's go battle some zombies and vampires that are the evil ones," says Bill PJ.
"Okay that's fine let's do it," screams Emily Dunkin.
"Yay," say Bill PJ very excitedly.

~Slice went the kitchen knife Bill killed the Zombie and vampire in one blow!

"Yea a two hitter," says Bill PJ.
"Great one," says Emily Dunkin.

~Then Emily used her new carving knife on a Vampire and killed it in one blow with the little bit of silver on the carving knife!

"Yea I killed the living bugger," screams Emily Dunkin.
"Wow girl comedown," says Bill PJ whispering so the vampire bats and zombies can't here them saying anything!
"Um Bill look out behind you," says Emily Dunkin.

~Stab went Bill PJ's kitchen knife, Then Bill PJ grabs Emily and kisses her romanticly!

"I love you Emily Dunkin with all my heart will you marry me," says Bill PJ.
"Oh yes I will marry you anytime you want to get married," screams Emily Dunkin.

~Then Zombies and vampires start to hear them and then they start to chase them, so they start running straight for a fort in a tree and they get climbing and they are safe!

"Few we are safe, now lets wait until the morning to find a way out because it is starting to get dark out," lays Bill PJ.
"Okay good night Bill," says Emily Dunkin.

~Then they have their first sex together!

Chapter 2: Part 4-Meeting The Parents Of Emily Rose Marie Dunkin!

Day Three: So right now they are trapped in a fort with no windows and only a door attached to the floor leading to the outside with a few posters on the walls of naked women!

"Bill wake up," says Emily Dunkin.
"Huh what," says very tired Bill PJ.
"Um I think we can go and see my mother and father, says Emily Dunkin to see if they are alive."
"Okay lets head out," says Bill PJ.
~So Bill looks to see if the cost is clear and it okay for them to start heading to Emily's parents home road to see if they are still alive!

"Oh Oh look my parents home, says Emily and she starts running."

~But Bill grabs her and says let me go frist!

"You are such a gentle men," says Emily Dunkin.
"Why thank you my lady," says kindly Bill PJ.

~They go straight inside and they see lots of stuff out of where they belong mother father... where are you. They hear a groan in a box!

"AAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhh," screams Emily Dunkin.
"Stupid cat," says Bill PJ.
"Mommy...Daddy... says Emily Dunkin.
"Honey there you are we've been looking all over for you," says her mother Rosie Dunkin.
"Where's father mother," says Emily Dunkin.
"Um honey I don't know," says her mother.

~BANG! slam a board with a nail in it hit Bill on the ankle!

"Daddy what have you done," screams Emily Dunkin.
"What have I done I just saved your life, says Emily's Father Ben Dunkin.
"Well this is the man of my dreams so help him up, says Emily Dunkin.
"Well fine then, says Ben Dunkin.

~Ben helps Bill up onto his own feet and sits him on a seat in the kitchen with a face cloth on his forehead!

"Hi are you okay my daughter told me everything about you guys kicking butt, says Ben Dunkin.
"I heard your a great man for a father," says Bill PJ.
"Well thank you so much well my wife is making spagetti and meat balls for supper and we are wondering if you would want some spagetti to eat too, says Ben Dunkin.

~So they all sit down at the table and eat Emily's mothers family recipe for supper!

Day Four: Getting New Friends!

~Well here is the next part of this new thing getting to know new friends!

"Honey here is a full bag of more weapons and your father said to give you this," says Her mother Rosie Dunkin.

~Click...Click! Emily Dunkin got a hand gun for their big journey up ahead!

"Thanks mom and dad I will stay as close as I can to Bill in our battles against the vampires and zombies," says Emily Dunkin.
"Thanks again, says Bill PJ.

~Then they were off on their biggest journey yet.

"Look Bill Their is someone fighting the zombies and vampires lets go see who it is, says Emily Dunkin.
"Okay lets go find out if it's safe at all around here," says Bill PJ.
"Hey over here are you a friendly person," yells Emily Dunkin.
"Well I'm Sally Rose Fargo and I'm a lost sister in this scary place," says Sally Fargo.
"Well we will help you find your way," says Bill PJ.
"I need to find my brother he left me with my mother and father, says Sally Fargo. Thats when they turned into something and I got a pocket knife out of my brothers room and killed them."
"That's fine because you could of been like them, says Emily Dunkin. We'll find your brother with you."
"Okay thanks I'm so worried about him," says Sally Fargo.

~They start their journey going down a mountian and they find a cabin that looks empty!

"You girls stay here and I'll see if the cost is clear here in the cabin," says Bill PJ. Searching in the cabin seeing if it's safe to stay for the night.
"Okay girls you can come in here there is two bedrooms so Sally you can go have your own room and me and Emily will share the other," says Bill PJ.


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