The Year was 2027 six years after the initial outbreak, and what started off as a simple cure for the Common Cold had some side effects that no one ever expected. Everything was fine for the first three years after they started administering it to our children. From what we could tell there were no major side effects other than slight temporary necrosis around the injection area. Then on that fateful morning September, 5 2021 suddenly there were reports of a terrorist attack on the T.V. I was only twelve at the time so I didn't pick up on the telltale signs of a cover up. It started in a small town in Florida, called Callahan. There were seven deaths, and a huge bio-hazard containment effort that ultimately failed. Then the media picked up on it. Stories about the dead coming back to life and attacking the living, but people mostly shrugged it off until their friends or family would fall victim to one of these walking corpses. Within six months of victim zero a little five year old named Lysa dying and reanimating. We had ourselves a full-fledged outbreak on our hands. No one could figure out why people started reanimating, but eventually virologists at the university of California stumbled upon the fact that the virus that had been injected into our young to fight off that small annoyance the Rhinovirus was the culprit. But at this point it was far too late. People were angry at the government that had told them that this vaccination was safe, the government that made this vaccination mandatory. There were many riots and these riots did nothing but to exacerbate the problem, the dead rising in the wake of these riots and the people's anger eventually toppled the power structure and the greatest country on earth went into complete anarchy. Soon after the virus reared its ugly head the rest of the world quarantined the Americas but it was an act of futility. What these other countries didn't anticipate is that someone who was infected would manage to get through all the defenses. After this person got into Russia from Alaska he triggered the outbreak in Europe and the rest of the world powers fell one by one so there was no help the world was a shell of its former glory. Until a new government finally established itself. They setup a safe area in northern Wyoming. Seeing as it had a very low population prior the outbreak, now there was nearly nothing. This new government setup about 100 acres of safe area with the plan of slowly expanding it. People flocked the Safe zone by the droves. Although there was an infection check, and a decontamination process that everyone entering this city must go through. There were still massive breakouts of the plague they called the walking death. One of the biggest problems is that this sickness is a virus so unlike a bacteria is could just sit dormant for days months or years until it overwhelms your immune system and you succumb to the walking death . Seeing as it can remain dormant every once in a while, we have a small breakout in a district, but nothing that a cleanup crew can't take care of in a couple hours.

So now that I've told you the basics I can easily explain what I do I'm seventeen and I'm about to get my license to be on a cleanup crew it's a dangerous job, but it's exciting and pays well. I've taken my safety, gun handling, Improvised weapons and close quarters combat classes. Now all I have to do is get the license. It's a four part test first we must demonstrate our hand, in gun training, Shooting fifteen miniscule targets. Then we must fight our sensei and last for at least three minutes. Then we are put into a room and told to list all objects that can be used as weapons and how to use them. Last but not least we must take a two and a half hour written exam on safety procedures and conduct, followed by going out and decontaminating a recently cleansed district.

I wake up at 7:00 A.M. ready for my long day of testing, and I have a moment of terror when I believe I have missed my tests then I realize that I'm right on time. I pull on my black B.D.U.s, combat boots, and my navy blue shirt then I head out the front door ready for the tests. I set out for the training facilities located in the military quadrant on the other side of town once I got there I was directed to the pretest area where they oriented all of us telling the class where we are supposed to go and when we are expected to get there when I got my schedule it looked pretty good.

0800 C.Q.C. Test

1000 Handgun Test

1100 Safety Test

1230 Improvised Weapons Examination

I walk out of the front door of the pretest area, with thirty minutes to get to my C.Q.C. test. As I walk into the dojo I immediately regret dawdling in the courtyard of the campus. A vast line of probably fifty people stand in front of me. I step into line shoulders hunched in consternation until I realize people are dropping like flies the first 15 are down in five minutes. I quickly realize that the line is going to move extremely fast. Before I know it I'm five people behind the arena I feel the tension start to build I am confident that I will make it but then I think of how only four people so far have passed the three minute mark. I step up to the arena and the sensei greets me with a smile saying. "Well well Gavin I see you have made it to Finals. I'm proud of you my boy. Just so you know I'm not going to go easy on you this is going to be all out." I answer "Yes Sensei I understand I am Ready" I walk to my side of the arena as does he. I can smell the sweat and blood that has cemented itself in the porous rubber floor over the years, as I ready myself for the oncoming flurry of blows. Sensei readied the on the count of three he started circling me like a tiger circles prey this was very typical of his style of fighting. Then suddenly he lunged going for my center of mass trying to knock me over. I smoothly turn to the side barely avoiding him while trying to sweep his legs. He fumbles slightly giving me a chance to strike with my left elbow I land a solid blow to his rib cage, but it doesn't even phase him he uses the inertia from his tumble to pull him self to his feet once more. He flashes me with a quick smile the pulls back his arm to punch me in the cheek I try to block but it is futile he lands a hit and the taste of blood flourishes in my mouth his punch had caused my teeth to dig deep into my cheek cutting it deeply. I turn my head just a fraction to spit a gob of blood onto the mat, adding to the years of built up residue. I turned my attention back to the fight and charged him he quickly sidestepped and grabbed the neck of my gi effectively clothes lining me. I dropped to the ground back wards he took his chance and tried to land a stomp on my arm in an attempt to dislocate it but I rolled as his foot hit the ground I grabbed it and pulled it out from under him he dropped I jumped to a standing position, and placed my foot on his throat in perfect position to crush his wind pipe he tapped in defeat. I pulled my foot back and stood at attention as he slowly stood up. I spat another gob of blood to the floor he awarded me with a smile, a certificate saying I had completed my training and another special certificate for actually defeating the sensei "This is a hefty honor my boy few have defeated me I always had high hopes for you and you didn't let me down. Now run off and do the rest of your finals." So I did run off to my other finals never catching the slightest hint that anything was wrong.

I walked into the gun training area ready for my second exam they handed me a 9 mm semi automatic handgun. My nerves immeadiatly went away and the reassuring weight of the familiar gun was pressed into my hand I assumed proper stance, and the test began. I popped off five shots missing only one. So good so far I thought so I popped of another thirteen and missed four, and I passed. The gun test had a pretty large margin of error since guns are not the preferred means of killing the living dead anyways.

My classmates and I slowly shuffle into the white walled totally sterile safety testing room. There twenty holo-desks with our names clearly labeled on them. We sit at our desks doing a basic biometrics scan thumb print and eye scan nothing special. Then our fifty question multiple choice test flashes up on the screen all the questions are pretty basic. Stuff like what do you do with an infected party member, what not to do in a known infected area basic stuff. So as I tiredly finished up that test slightly worried about the second portion, my first real cleanup job. Although we will be totally safe at a distance I'm a tad nervous. There have been accidents before that didn't turn out to well for all parties involved but it's be like a year since we have had any such accidents, out technology has come a long way.

Immediately after the test the test administrators herd us into a room where they will brief us on what we're doing and where we're doing. They tell us we are doing a routine cleanup. that there was a break out in one of the sectors this morning and that we are going to aid in cleaning up. Everyone seems excited but also slightly nervous. We suit up in full Class A decontamination suits. They are made of a very light but very tough carbon fiber they can withstand bites, fire, and some low caliber bullets. We put on our personal air recyclers. Although there has never been a case of air borne infection we don't like to chance things, and when you shoot one of the walking dead a small amount of their blood is vaporized and no one likes breathing aerosolized zombie. We are all given a standard issue 9 mm handgun with ballistic rounds, and a weighted carbon fiber baton. Basically it's a fancy baseball bat. We then all pile up in the steel reinforced troop transportation van and we're off. As we drive to the location of the breakout I start to feel very nervous so I try to talk to some of the other guys in the van. Chances we'll be working together after this so might as well start getting to know them now. I turn to the guy next to me and hold out my hand for him to shake and he does, he has a firm but not aggressive handshake I say my name is Gavin and he says my name is Joseph my frinds call me Joe. I said "so why are you doing this" and he responded these bastards killed my family

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