Skype Date 6

Eagerly I propped my computer up on my bed. Before turning the program on, I quickly checked my appearance in the mirror, and good thing I did.

I took my long hair out of its form and let freely drape over my shoulders. I touched up my classic cat winged liner, which made my large blue eyes stand out. In a failed attempt, I tried to get the wrinkles out of my shirt, but to no avail. He probably wouldn't notice them anyway.

Finally, I hopped on my bed and heard the familiar opening tone of Skype. He was online, but I waited another moment to make the call.

Ring ring, ring ring.

"It's about fucking time!" Sam still loved giving me a hard time, even though our conversations had been somber as of late. We always ended up back to fact that we weren't together, and we didn't know when we would be again.

"I'm sorry, I got caught up." I didn't want to tell him about seeing James, not just yet anyway. He trusted me, but he was so self conscious and already doubtful about our situation.

"Nah, it's cool. You alright? All moved in I see. Very purple." He remarked unimpressed.

"I love purple."

"I can tell. It's very weird." I missed the sound of his voice, his real voice. Not this stitched up mechanical replica. The worst part was I was already forgetting what it actually sounded like.

Even his face doesn't look quite right. Pixels layered on more pixels washed out his skin. I remember freckles, and now I barely see them. His eyes look gray and his hair appears black. This month and a half feels like forever.

"Whatever, how are you? It's been, what, a week?" I changed the subject. I wasn't in the mindset for our silly arguments that always ended in impasse.

"I'm alright, yeah. Might have talked about you excessively at a party last night."

"You were very drunk." I smiled remembering all the silly texts he sent me. Including the one where he told me that he "liked me, liked me." It was the first time he had said it. Sure, inebriated, but he admitted when he was sober much later.

"Fucking right I was. People kept asking who I was texting and I told them it was you and no one believed me!"

I laughed, "How is that?"

"You have to understand, I am bloody horrible with women. Of course they don't believe me."

It always made me sad when he talked about stuff like that. I found it impossible that girls didn't want to get to know him the way I was doing now. He's so sweet and currently the only thing keeping me from going insane while I'm here.

Every conversation we had I was between missing him and missing him less than the day before. It was scaring me.

"Well when I come visit they'll have to believe you." I tried to keep those thoughts alive between us. The idea that one day I would be coming back, only hopefully after him coming to visit me.


There was silence for a moment, another wave of somber outlooks washed over us. I could see it in his eyes so clear that there was doubt.

"Any plans for tonight?" It was Saturday and he usually went out with his friend, Jack, to a pub for a couple pints, usually resulting in a happen tipsy state.

"Not tonight. Got a lot of work to start doing. Final semester and all for me."

This fact was the only hope I had for us. Once he graduated in May, and I was done in December we would be free by the only thing keeping us to our two countries. It's a 5-month wait for him and practically another year for me. But I reasoned it would be better than if I had not opted to graduate early. Otherwise the odds of us seeing each other again would be slim.

"Exciting!" I tried to be enthusiastic for him about it. He was terrified.

"I guess. Have you seen many of your friends yet?"

I was quiet. I didn't want to tell him about James.

"Saw Maria. She's the same."

"Is she your only friend?" He asked with a wry smile.

"I haven't seen Dannie yet, but I'll see her later. But otherwise that's it."

"You haven't talked about her much." He was observant, something James never was.

"It's complicated." I needed to change the topic, "I heard something that made me think of you. The next book in that science fiction series you like is due next summer, Interstellar something or other."

"Inerstellar Warrior part 7." He corrected. "I know! I'm stoked!"

"Oh I bet," I rolled my eyes but really I loved how big of a geek he was. And he knew I loved it.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, you think it's adorable."

"Well you are fairly adorable."

"And charming as fuck right?"

"Right," I rolled my eyes again but the smile on my face was betraying any false annoyance I was trying to convey.

"You think I'm great."

"I do, but I have to go. I promised Dannie we would meet up for dinner or something." I was sad to leave, just when he was getting flirty. It had taken him a couple of weeks to get comfortable doing that, even though he was a half step from second base the last time he saw me.

"Alright, too bad. "

"I know, talk later?"

"Sure, probably next week right?"

"Yeah," I replied dejected. I wish it could be more

"See you soon."

The skype session ended and I was somewhere between feeling happy but empty. The feeling was getting worse.