What a fool I am.

Letting him in to start.

Looking past all warning signs,

And playing the game

Like a blindfolded kid with a bat

Swing. Miss.

It was the eyes, I tell myself.

But I'm lying again.

It was more than that.

I heard love reders the heart sightless.

I believe it.

He was every inch a cowboy.

I thought that's what I wanted.

I still might, not the same old

Heart smasher though.

He's long gone.

Yet from the hat to the boots,

I was reminded of King George.

They stand about the same, anyways.

Silly me, seein' something that

Wasn't there...

Peering from beneath a wide,

Beige colored brim,

I saw chocolate brown.

The melt in your mouth sort.

I always wanted to climb in,

And not come out.

When I could see clearly,

I saw green fields and blooming

Flowers. Gold, blue, and earth brown.

My safe haven.

But here I am, no security left.

I didn't see the gap between

His first two teeth as a flaw.

"Adds character," I'd say.

He never would believe me.

I wasn't important enough.

He won't believe me now.

Five long years I wasted, waiting.

All for nothing. That'll teach me.

Don't open your heart.

"Love" is a word it can't comprehend.