School had started. The summer of 2012 had passed. I had spent her entire summer obsessing over my favorite 5-member boy band. I had also gotten a bunny.

People often asked me which I favored more, Molly (my bunny) or the band. I couldn't choose. Someone even asked me if I would let Molly die to meet the band. I said no, not because I love her more, but because it would mean killing an innocent life just for people who already had millions of screaming girls at their expense. Anyway, I loved my bunny, and eventually I got over my obsession. I still listen to them, and I recently had bought their new album.

I found that, during my boy band obsession, I wasn't interested in guys. They just weren't appealing. So I started the school year confident that it would be calm and drama-free.

I saw all of my school friends: Adeline, my best friend since 4th grade, Ada, my other best friend, Jane, who loves computers and is impossible to get mad at, Adana, who was slightly annoying but still one of my best friends, and Jackie, who had become good friends with Ada. I even said hi to Matt, Sam, and Zach. All of my friends are Asian, except Jackie.

School started out calmly. So calmly, it was boring. I almost wished things would get exciting, until I remembered all of the stupid things I'd ever done. Ever sit and think about all the stupid things you did, all at once, and what you should've done? I do that all the time.

We got our schedules, and I found that I had almost the same periods as Zach. We all had math class together.

The beginning of the school year was a blur. I remember I felt as if I was losing my friends, since they hardly talked to me anymore. Mrs. Raspberry, the librarian, was my favorite teacher, because she likes the same things I do, books and bunnies.

I had a lot of best friends, but I had a best-best friend spot, and that was reserved for one creature only: Molly, my bunny, as an honorary human.

I hated how Adeline had wild mood swings, mostly because I didn't know how to deal with them, and it hurt me to see her without me being able to help. And since I was her best friend, that meant no-one else knew how to deal with her, either. Eventually, I realized that I should just treat her like I would want to be treated, because she has the same problems/emotions as me.

I found I had started to be moody, and Ada told me,"You and Adeline are so alike it's creepy!"

My problems started. My friends deserted me, and my family was stressing me out. I started going days without talking much, and I realized that was the only way I could get people's attention. I realized that nobody cared about me except Molly and maybe Mrs. Raspberry. I began keeping silent on purpose. I was easier to provoke, and I got furious at the slightest insult. I tried shutting out my friends, family, just people in general. I wanted to go suicide, except that wouldn't be fair to Molly, because my parents would probably murder her.

I hated my life. And I can't really say I've changed my mind.