I am a creature of a Strange World

For out of all the species upon my planet

I am the only one who can reason

And with my reasoning mind I reason to be different

The Strangest of the Strange

For I live my life according to the only fact I know to be true

I will die

For when I was walking upon the road it whispered to me and said

All things must fade, All lights go out

So I reasoned to be different

When I perish the world may forget me

But I will not forget the world

For I breathed in it and relished

So that my lips did drip with the saps of life,

And yet my bones do rot,

I tread the path that all before me have tread

So that the ground beneath my feet is worn and beaten

And as I pass the gates of life to worlds beyond

Her arches' stones do bow to me

Me, the Strangest of the Strange who comes through the gates

Smile stained by the saps of life

But as that sap turns to resin, I will smile no more

The gates then deposited me upon the brink of Eternity

And the infinite did roar like a beast I have never before heard

And unlike the countless before me, I did not cower

I too roared

The shout of man on the brink of Eternity

And to my surprise the vast expanse did blanch

And nod to me

For I can reason, and I reasoned to be different

The Strangest of the Strange

I did turn back once more before moving on

And saw the world of my birth

Beyond the gates of life

Barred to me forever more

And there upon the edge of All and Nothing

I did weep for what I had lost

My body

My name

My blood

All of which now lays worthless next to mortals great and old

Chiseled into the very bones of the Earth

Obscure, unseen, forgotten

But as I moved to leave fair Earth she called softly

And murmured to me many tales of people gone and past

And as I listened in great wonder

I realized

I was not forgotten

But respected

The Strangest of the Strange

At this, I wiped my tears and shook Earth's hand goodbye

A farewell of the ages

It was time to go

To leave good Earth behind forever

On the brink of Eternity

The shout of man rang once more before fading forever

As I plunged into the Unknown, I nodded to Eternity

As it had to me

The only one of my kind

The Strangest of the Strange