Never alters

Three months, twenty-six days, eight hours

I said good-bye to one I loved

I sent her off to live,

To be on her own, to serve

To Represent.

Change was bound

Change happened

Three months, twenty-six days, eight hours ago

My sister joined the Navy

She was happy

We were sad

Goodbye is goodbye no matter the length

She fights, she laughs, and cries

She yells, screams, and dreams

We dream the same dream;

The dream when she will

Come home.

Nineteen days, twelve hours

And I'll be there

Tears in my eyes

A smile on my face.

People surround

Stares are shared

Of the reunion of sisters.

The bond that never alters

I close my eyes and pray

My thanks to the one whom

Brought her back to me.

"I love you, sissy"

This really happened to me, I wrote this the night I had to leave my sister at the airport after our reunion of her boot camp graduation. My sister and I never had the best of relationships. We fought like anyone else, but we always took it a step too far. And then she grew up, she's my older sister, but she never acted older. Until she joined the military. And now, I miss her every day that she isn't here. This poem isn't perfect, but it shows a bond that sisters have, at least a bond that I have with mine.

I felt it should be read.