Eve the mother of all

Your father made you and then abandoned you, so you pray. You see signs where there's nothing. But truth is, your Apocalypse came and went, and you didn't even notice. A mother would never abandon her children like he did. You'll see.

Eve is older than Castiel and was last on Earth 10,000 years ago.[1][2] She is also known as the Mother of All, which refers to her creation of all supernatural beings. She was in Purgatory, where the souls of the supernatural go after death, until Dragons raise her.[3] Due to the hunting down of the Alphas instigated by Crowley and Castiel, she starts creating hybrid monsters. She is killed when i tricks her into biting him after he has ingested Phoenix ashes. A comment from the Alpha Vampire strongly implies that Eve was at least somehow related to, if not one of, the Leviathans, a claim substantiated by the fact she is older than angels, is able to block their powers presumably other Leviathans), can shapeshift (although Eve doesn't seem to require any DNA in order to take a person's form), and bleeds black upon her death.[5]

Characteristics Powers and Abilities

Prevention of Angel Power: Eve can, because she is older than angels, inhibit them from using their angelic powers and abilities.

Shapeshifting: Eve can morph her appearance to match virtually anyone she wants.

Superhuman Strength: Eve can easily overpower and kill humans, and she is more powerful than her monster children.

Super Speed: Eve can move extremely fast.

Creation of Monsters: Eve can create new monsters with a touch or a whisper. She has to go through a few iterations - what she calls beta tests - before she perfects her last monster, the Jefferson Starships.

Telepathy: Eve can speak to monsters through their minds and control them.

Monster Awareness: Eve can see through the eyes of any monster in the world and hear what they hear.

Levitation: Eve levitates from the entrance to Purgatory.

Possession: Eve possesses a virgin girl offered to her as a tribute from her children.


Phoenix ashes can kill her.

Eve was a mysterious and powerful malevolent entity who was neither demon nor angel. She was cast into the deepest bowels of Purgatory, until she was released by dragons, arrived on Earth, using a young virgin girl as a vessel. She was part of existence before angels were, which gave her an advantage over them, being able to inhibit them from using their supernatural powers.

Eve created the Alphas, which were the first monsters of their allotted kind from who there species descended. She, just as of recently, created a worm-like creature which Dean dubbed the "Khan Worm". She also just did what she called "Beta testing" and created creatures that Dean named "Jefferson Starships", which were monster hybrids that she mass produced. Her only known weakness was that of Phoenix ash. She was killed by Dean who used its ashes on her.

Like Death, Eve was normally content to uphold the natural order in which monsters and humans killed each other in turn; however, when Crowley began capturing, torturing, and killing her children in droves during Season 6, she decided to turn every human into a monster to deprive him of the power of any souls. She exhibited few emotions beyond serenity, but her decision to pose as a waitress

Powers and Abilities

Eve was an incredibly old and powerful entity, stronger than any monster, demon, or even angel. It is unknown if she was stronger than Leviathans or Archangels, however it is unlikely; Despite this, she remains the most powerful female character/antagonist in-series to date.

Immortality - Eve is immortal and cannot die of disease or old age. She referred to herself as being older than even the angels.

Invulnerability - Convential weapons and most mystic ones don't have any effect on Eve. The only known thing that can kill her is Phoenix ashes, either by oral ingestion, being injected with it or being shot with shotgun shells filled with the ashes.

Flight - Once she took her vessel, she rose from Purgatory.

Possession - In order to manifest on Earth, Eve required the use a vessel, and that vessel had to be a virgin girl.

Conjuration - She could turn humans into whatever she desired, through physical contact, either a touch, a kiss or a bite; this is how she created her first children. Appearently, she did not have full control over this ability, seeing as as how a number of her creations in "Mommy Dearest" died prematurely before she eventually succeeded in creating "the perfect monster", she dismissed these failures as "beta tests".

Healing - When rising from Purgatory, Eve's arms and legs were covered in severe burns, however she would later reappear completely restored.

Supernatural Strength - Her strength was far superior to humans and every supernatural creature. She was cocky enough to claim that she would take care of the demon Crowley if she was to find him. She's more powerful than at least normal angels.

Supernatural Speed - She could move at undetectable speeds for a human being.

Teleportation - She could reappear in different locations at will.

Shapeshifting - At one point, she modified her vessel's appearance to look and sound like Mary Winchester.

Telepathy - She was psychically linked to all monsters, allowing her to know what they do and speak to them through their minds and could communicate with her children even while imprisoned in Purgatory. According to her statements in "Mommy Dearest", she was aware of the hunters' arrival and intent to kill her before they met, and perceived Crowley torturing her children as though she were his victim instead. She could also read the minds of humans.

Compulsion - Using her mental link to her children, Eve could control the various monster lines and instill bloodlust in them, even over great distances, as seen when she compelled her many children (even the more benevolent ones like Lenore) to attack and turn as many humans as they could.

Supernatural Senses - She possessed heightened senses. She managed to realize Dean and Sam were using Pheonix ashes by simply smellling the barrels of their shotguns.

Angelic Power Negation - Due to her advanced age and knowledge, Eve was able to block an angel from accessing their powers by "unplugging them" as shown when she negated Castiel's abilities through her mere presence. Her overall knowledge over angels was extensive and she knew how to conceal herself from them.

Early life

Eve predated angels, which would dictate that she also existed before the creation of Earth and humanity. She was related to the leviathans in some way and even knew some of them. She created the Alphas, which were the first monsters of their allotted species. Eve had been on Earth ten thousand years ago. Afterwards, she returned or was cast back to Purgatory, where the souls of her children go after death.