There was once a teenage boy who walked by a store, looking for some tape

When his eye caught a group of boys cornering Little Kim, fresh for rape

Without thinking, he drew out his gun

Pointed it at the boys, and gave them a run

Leaving the two of them alone

So he could take her to his safety zone

Slowly they bonded, until she could call him father

But to him, she was his spiritual daughter

And so the two became family, sharing tears and laughter

But in this world, there's no such thing as happily ever after

For one day, a bully came back

To abuse Little Kim and fondle her rack

But before he could inflict any kind of pain

The angry impulsive teen blew out his brain

The police were alerted into finding

The two, who had gone into hiding

The teen knew he would not live

So he knelt down to give

His little 'daughter' a final hug

Then he proceeded to hide her in a room with the rug

The police had finally came

To find the teen was anything but tame

His stubbornness to leave would require a tractor beam

But then he turned tail at the sound of her scream

He ran back into the house to find a cop pointing a gun at her head

Threatening to surrender or she would end up dead

Whatever action he took next was definitely not desired

For the police officer jerked his finger and fired

Time stopped as the teen watched in shock

As she fell crashing like a rock

The teen's gun spoke until the cop was deceased

Before the weapon and its owner fell down on their knees

Sobbing, he tenderly embraced her bloody form

Guilt-ridden mind blocking out the fatal shots flying through the dorm

When he opened his eyes, he was surrounded by white

Nothing to see but this bright light

However, a familiar cry made him turn round

Her voice saying "Daddy?" a joyous sound

And who else stood before him

But his dear little Kim

The two hugged, together again

Happy in the knowledge that their ties would never wane.

A/N: No, my daughter is not named Kim. But she did ask me to watch a video that inspired this. If the quality sucks, it's because I wrote this thing at 12am.