"Burdened Beast"

Beast of Burden strapped with leather,

Longs and yearns for life beyond tether.

Perhaps then, his life would be better.

His day begins with whip a' crackin'

To force him faster, pull this wagon.

Poor Beast's feet begin their draggin'.

Behind him pulls his master's find

With never a single word of kind.

This, for Beast, is daily grind.

On this blazing summer day,

Beast lets out a mournful bray.

For death, Beast can only pray.

With graying days and tired eyes,

Burdened Beast swats at flies.

Surely this shall be the day he dies.

But for him there is no such luck,

And living Beast again is struck.

Poor Beast's life forever stuck.

For Beast, rest comes a shock,

As he beds in straw-filled box,

Tethers replaced by bolted locks.

Sleeping in box lit by soft glowing light,

Beast's dreams are filled with fright

Of his master's angry plight.

Sun rises in the morn

And, with it, new day reborn.

But for Beast, there's only scorn.

For, with blazing sun,

Comes more work to be done.

And to stable, bitter master come.

Burdened Beast curses sun,

With whose rising comes new life begun,

Sweet death has yet to come.

Forever goes this woeful strife,

And each day, new stabbing knife

On and on goes burdened life.

But someday in a greener field,

With Beast's burden under shield,

This Burdened life is forever healed.