Hidden behind the mask
All cracked and broken
Blood leaks freely from skin
Tinting it all scarlet.

Lips frozen in speech
Eyes open in shock
Body tensing in wait
Heart pounding in fear.

A solid wall that has been
Hit too many times
With thin and decorative marks
Along it's shiny surface.

A mad grin
An insane spark
A fire-lit hand
A lifeless laugh.

Everything you ever wanted to be
Everything you ever feared
All the pain hidden away
Hidden behind the mask.

Hollow expression painted
Dead eyes rolled in their sockets
Lips stretched in a fake smirk
Emptiness placed securely inside.

Insanity, my cracked mask,
Hiding the fear
Hiding the ice
Hiding myself.

I am not to be harmed
I am not to be touched.
I am scared
I am scarred.

I am hatred.
I am hated.