This Heart ~ BabyBix

This Heart loved you,

With all its might.

But you had no clue,

My Dark Knight.

This Heart shone

With love and with glory.

But you left it alone,

'Tis forever my story.

This Heart's been shattered.

That much is true.

You were a coward,

And now, we are through.

This Heart's been lied to,

For far, far too long.

This, I rue,

But this Heart is strong.

This Heart is broken,

Scattered into tiny pieces

By words unspoken.

It never ceases.

This Heart is numb

From so much pain.

The constant, throbbing thrum,

Now this Heart's in Hell's domain.

But Hearts will deal,

Pieces stitched together with time.

My heart will heal.

You're not but slime.