Mirror, Mirror ~ BabyBix

Mirror, Mirror, you cannot lie to me.

You always show what you see.

Pale ghosts of the past,

In your frame, they do last.

Mirror, Mirror, you've seen it all,

From your perch upon the wall.

In your face ever clear,

A murd'rous scene was painted here.

Mirror, Mirror, stained bloody red,

You've seen the faces of the dead.

Filmy, unseeing eyes stare into the space

Of your all seeing face.

Mirror, Mirror, you see what isn't revealed.

You see the soul beyond the shield.

What did you see on the other side?

What did you see as they died?

Mirror, Mirror, did they scream?

Was it like some nightmarish dream?

Tell me, please, if you will,

Did you get a secret thrill?

Mirror, Mirror…