Paris DelosReyes

Communications Final

Have you ever noticed that Artists from the past had such a huge impact on our Modern World or that one of the best examples of an Artist who reached "full potential" was Leonardo Da Vinci a scientist, Engineer, and an Artist. He truly created.

Art is not only diminishing in the High School Curriculum, but in Elementary and Junior High Schools. There are those who agree with this happening in our educational system due to the fact of budget and that it should be spent on Core Classes such as Math and Science. Since the "NO child Left Behind Act", requires all Government run schools receiving federal funding students that take the same test known as AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress test) where each Grade must do better than the previous year. (The subjects tested on are generally Math and Science, and etc.) Local State Governments are putting their money towards these Core courses since they are held liable by the Government if the School doesn't do better in the consecutive years to come. Now I am not nor will I ever will say that Math and Science are not important subjects, since they are important! Unfortunately, though it is far too ignorant to not fully understand what Art Programs do for students and the negative consequences of that decision to cut those programs.

Schools that have already taken out their Art Programs from the school curriculum have to spend more money when the goal was obviously to save. The Art teachers either have no longer a job or teach classes that are too big (as well s non - art teachers are having to do in some States) for them to fully address the students. Meaning their education is being deprived since the student is more than likely just another face in the class. The hiring of extra Disciplinary staff is due to an increase of students exhibiting negative behaviors such as vandalism, fighting, or just acting out in a negative way. In an Americas for the Arts study mentioning a 2002 finding Critical Links, fourth and sixth grade students who were artistic, but were academically challenged behaved favorably compared to those who were not artistic, but when the introduction of the arts were used as a teaching aide. Those Artistic Students had an increase of interest and paid more attention. This is a correlation between the Arts and behavior. This can also be observed by Delinquent minors who participated in the Arts had a 16.4% improvement in behavior towards education compared to the 3.4% from a group who didn't participate in Art Programs. ( list_7365360_ )

The Arts helps with open-mindedness which helps with the idea and solution process due creativeness that is encouraged by Art Instruction. Reading and Mental Development is also positively affected. In an Americans for the Arts 1998 report by Educational Leadership: first graders that received musical instruction read better than those who didn't. An average of 16% higher on reading performance tests from those students who learned about melodies and rhythm in music. The Mozart Effect states that listening to Mozart's symphonies enhances Mental Development. This concept is supported by a 2002 Critical Links where "emotionally disturbed" 4th graders were able to write more proficient in quality and quantity when listening to music compared to just writing in complete silence. I myself would agree with that concept I prefer completing assignments while listening to music I find that it helps me concentrate. ( list_7365360_ )

Artistic mediums whether it be music, drawing, or any creative outlet. It helps the Human Brain reach its full potential. Introduces how to think "outside the box", the understanding of concepts with greater ease, activates our Imagination, creative ingenuity, and spatial thinking, People are able to think differently and approach problems in different ways to find a solution. Careers that use this Artistic part of the brain are engineers, technicians, computer designers, and any other careers that you have to "think" which is literally all lines of work.

Semir Zeki, former Professor of Neurobilogy at the Unv. College of London and Co head of the Wellcome Department of Cognitive Neurology. Published, "Artistic Creativity and the Brain, In Science Magazine IN July 2001. Where he spoke of art and the expression is an expansion of Brain function. An Example of this would be: Teachers and other Professionals using Art Therapy to improve cognitive thinking, enhance physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

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Professor Semir Zeki also performed an experiment on dozens of people who had little prior knowledge of art, and would show each of those subjects a series of paintings while recording brain functions on a scanner. The results showed that an increase in brain function related to pleasure.

The following is Semir Zeki Speaking about the experiment and its findings.

"What we found is when you look at art – whether it is a landscape, a still life, an abstract or a portrait – there is strong activity in that part of the brain related to pleasure

"We put people in a scanner and showed them a series of paintings every ten seconds. We then measured the change in blood flow in one part of the brain.

"The reaction was immediate. What we found was the increase in blood flow was in proportion to how much the painting was liked.

"The blood flow increased for a beautiful painting just as it increases when you look at somebody you love. It tells us art induces a feel good sensation direct to the brain."

Professor Zeki added: "What we are doing is giving scientific truth to what has been known for a long time – that beautiful paintings makes us feel much better.

"But what we didn't realize until we did these studies is just how powerful the effect on the brain is."

The study is being seized upon as proof of the need for art to be made as widely available to the general public as possible.


This decrease understanding and interest in the Arts in our School Programs is robbing not only our societies over all expansion of becoming a better place, but those students from learning different ways for their brain to function. In an April 2005 poll from Douglas Gould and Company and Keep Arts in Schools reveal 41% of U.s adults support integrating arts and education due to the fact it educates the whole child. 48% of American adults want more art and music implemented into elementary schools and 36% want more art in High Schools.

( list_73653660_ #ix22Zc1FahQW5)

Taking away art programs from High school, Middle school, or Elementary school students isn't beneficial to them in the sense of how it affects them as human beings.

Art is a way of communication, thinking and understanding, and one can even be influenced by Art.

From the earliest Cave drawings, to the first civilizations such as: Mesopotamia, Rome, Greece, Egypt, to our Modern Day. We have not been without Art.

Nor should we ever be.