How can you stand there and apologise for what you did to me

You think sorry will fix what you did?

You think it will erase the fear I felt

You think it will wipe the scars away

You think it will heal me

You really think that sorry will make it all better

Give back all the years of my life you took

Give me back my sanity

Give back my friends and my family

Give me back my life

You think sorry will make me forgive

Forgive every remark you made

Forgive every time you ever showed me up

Forgive the times you hurt me

Forgive the times you embarrassed me

You think sorry will make me forget

Forget the times you hit me

Forget the times you tortured me for your own pleasure

Forget the times you tried to control me

The times you ordered me around

And made me cry

And hate


You think sorry will make forget the times I wanted to die?

You are a hateful, arrogant, sadistic killer with a control complex and sorry will never fix that

You will always be hated, and loathed, and feared by me and so many others

And they will begin to avoid the honey traps you set

So in the end, above all, you will be lonely

And for that I am sorry

But that won't make it better…